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February 22, 2011

I have received hundreds of e-mails in the past 48 hours from Bob Grant listeners all reminding me of one subject. And that subject is what is going on in Libya.

The reason so many people are mentioning that is best summarized by this letter which I quote, “Mr. Grant, when I heard of the uprising against Col. Moammar Gadhafi, I thought of you. I couldn’t believe it but there it was all over television, on the Internet, on the radio, in the newspapers . . . Gadhafi faces insurrection and possible overthrow.

“Mr. Grant, it was you who first uttered the words, GET GADHAFI! You began saying that at the end of your program after you returned from a trip to Israel in the fall of 1971. I had no idea who this guy Gadhafi was. I thought at first you were shouting get me some coffee. I know you continued saying this for many years. How does it feel to be so ahead of everybody else?”

I am not so sure I am ahead of everybody else. But, the story of how I happen to call for the overthrow of Gadhafi began one evening at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. I had been introduced to a man by the name of Major Albert Maya. He was a member of the IDF, the Israeli Defense Force.

We were talking about problems Palestinians were causing and the attack on the Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem. He told me than that the man most responsible was the ruler of Libya: Gadhafi. He said Gadhafi had the money to fund all sorts of anti-Israeli activities, and that Gadhafi was a loon who was determined to make a name for himself in the Arab world.

When 11 Israeli athletes were murdered in Munich in 1972, it was Gadhafi who bankrolled the operation. There were virtually no terrorist activities that did not have Gadhafi’s fingerprints. And so, I thought I would accomplish two things in closing my program by saying, “Get Gadhafi!”

Goal number one was to literally remove this menace from the planet. Goal number two was to wake up the politicians in America to the dangers we faced when we didn’t “get” a maniac tyrant. And, although this was not my reason for closing my program with the call to arms, it also had more and more people talking about the Bob Grant Show.

Those were the days when I was called by the New York Times: “The King of talk radio in New York.” I was on the air five days a week for four hours. Ah, those were the days — a far cry from two hours once a week on Sunday at noon.

But, time marches on as Westbrook Van Voorhis used to say. At the rate we are going in this tumultuous world, time may be running out. It may be running out not only on Gadhafi, but on all of us!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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