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Life Isn’t Fair

October 26, 2011

Each day I lose more hope for America. I know people like Rush, who says he learned so much from me, and, to be candid, there were others who said the same thing. Mark Levin has always complimented me and thanked me. Sean Hannity can never forget what I did for him and how he came along to become the mega star he is. I could go on in this vein, but I only would depress myself when I think of where I could have been — as a matter of fact, where I should have been. In the final analysis, I have only myself to blame. My success didn’t go to my head. I was seduced by it. When one is on a 50,000 watt radio station in New York City, the greatest radio market in the world, it is easy to forget there are vicious people out there who want to destroy you.

For some reason I have had my bitterness come to the surface this morning. My hurt and bitterness is never too far from the surface so it doesn’t take much to bring it out. I recall a Sunday morning in November of 1995. The left-wing, vicious propaganda arm of Media Matters, I believe, calling itself FAIR, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, bought, maybe with money from George Soros, a large advertisement on the editorial page of The New York Times. The screed denounced me in the most unfair way and was read by people who were already enemies of mine because they were all left wingers and really didn’t think a person on the right should have so much “power.” My so-called power came from the fact that until I hit the New York airwaves. People had taken it for granted that everyone on the radio and television would be warriors of the political left.

A conservative? They don’t have a right to be heard! Funny thing though, I never really thought of myself as a conservative or as a member of a particular political group. I know of several social issues for example where I definitely would not fit the profile of a “rabid conservative.” Without going into each issue, I will simply say I take each issue on its merits and do not judge any problem from a doctrinaire position. This advertisement, which was placed in The New York Times on November 18, was so incendiary that the reverberation lasted well into the following year. And when the new owners of WABC, Walt Disney, Inc., had their annual meeting in April of 1996 at Long Boat Key, Florida, the final bullet was pumped into my professional life when a propagandist, disguised as a writer, wrote an attack piece in USA Today which was left at the door of all the people attending the meeting. There was no way I could survive.

The program director of WABC, who was attending the conference, was ordered up to New York at once to fire me. That was the morning of April 17. I was at Border’s Books, signing copies of my just published book entitled, “Let’s Be Heard.” When I arrived at the studio to do my daily broadcast, I saw the program director who was supposed to be down in Florida. But, when I saw him looking disheveled and in need of a shave, I knew something bad was going on. He called me into his office and closed the door. He started to tell me I was to be fired, but he couldn’t get the words out. Although he was a giant of a man, he was actually in tears as he started to tell me what he had been ordered to do. I had to say, “Phil, are trying to tell me I am being fired?” He nodded his head and I think I felt more sorry for him than he did for me. That is the kind of man Phil Boyce is . . . a decent guy who had a sense of fairness not everybody in broadcasting has.

I have never forgotten that day, and I am afraid I never will. Because even though the great Rick Buckley hired me immediately to work for the legendary WOR, the damage to my reputation never was erased. There are many other villains in the story and many other facets to the story. But, unlike all those other guys, I do not have skilled writers doing a book for me. This is something the public is not aware of . . . the ghost writers who do the writing and the talk show hosts who get the credit and most of the money. But, as a former president said, “Life isn’t fair.” And, that is something John F. Kennedy and I could agree on.

Bob Grant

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