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January 13, 2011

In the annals of history, you will find many instances of accidents, coincidence, and numerous vagaries of fate changing the course of history.

If I were to attempt to list all of such quirks of fate, I could not complete the task because there would be too many to codify. Perhaps limiting the chronology to just American history would make the job less cumbersome, but would serve the purpose of pointing out how an assassination, a mistake, or any twist or turn has had a profound effect on our history.

In the presidential election of l976, to name just one such historic time, if Gerald Ford, who assumed the presidency in 1974 when Richard Nixon resigned due to Nixon’s failure to destroy the tape that recorded the damning conversation during the Watergate scandal, Jimmy Carter may not have been elected.

And, according to many historians, Gerald Ford might have been elected had he not made an egregious error in a debate with Jimmy Carter, saying, “Poland is not under the influence of the Soviet Union.” Had he not said that, he would have become the winner in the election of 1976 — not Jimmy Carter.

But, then you could say if Jimmy Carter weren’t running against Ronald Reagan, maybe the Gipper would never have become our 40th president. After all, when Reagan said, “There he goes again,” during a debate as Carter ran off at the mouth with a senseless diatribe, maybe Ronald Reagan might not have won the election of 1980.

I could cite many other instances, but the one that is the most disturbing was the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building when 168 people, mostly children, were killed and another 450 injured. Up until that horrific tragedy in April of 1995, it looked like Bill Clinton was going to lose his quest for a second term. Most, if not all the polls of the time, indicated he was destined to be a sure loser.

But, after the Timothy McVeigh terrorist act, Clinton began attacking right-wing talk radio and took the offensive to a win over the decent, but lackluster Republican, Robert Dole. So, this maniac, Jared Loughner, may have given the fake, phony fraud, Barack Obama a second term.

Obama was able to drain every drop of blood from the shooting of those innocent people to his own advantage and received a disturbing amount of cheers and applause from a gullible audience.

I predict, if this traitor to everything America represents wins in 2012, we will sadly look back on the shooting in Tucson as the reason.

May heaven help us!

Bob Grant

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