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Our Nation Will Fall from Within

May 27, 2011

One of the reasons time goes by so fast is the way we divide the so-called fun months in segments. These segments are divided by different holidays peculiar to America. For starters, we have a non holiday that seems like one to many Americans: the Kentucky Derby. Now the derby is not really a holiday but there are many of us who feel that it signals the official or unofficial start of the spring and summer seasons.

The next thing we know it is Memorial Day. How many Americans really know anything about the origin of this annual holiday? First of all, it was originally called Decoration Day. It was initiated by the widows of Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. It quickly became a day to honor not only Confederate soldiers, but Union soldiers as well. The reason it was called Decoration Day was because the graves of the over 600,000 dead, representing both north and south, were decorated with fresh flowers each May 30.

Is all this important? Maybe it is not very important to many Americans, but it is a definite part of American history. I believe we are losing our culture in America because we have been losing our history. It is almost as if the word has gone out to our school children that it is not cool to know your history. A great philosopher said, “Those who do not know their history cannot learn from their history, and if they do not learn from history, they will lose the future.”

I have a great love for the subject of history. Maybe I feel that way partially because I got my best grades in that subject and think sometimes that if I hadn’t gone into broadcasting, I would have liked to be a history professor at a great American university. I think of what it must be like to lecture students who are eager to learn and who are ambitious. I think of how inspiring it must be to engage in dialogue with colleagues and debate all night long. But, I was spared that . . . thank God. What makes me say this? Because we can no longer teach history.

History is learning the chronology of events past and the reason for those events. However, the left-wing lunatics have taken over so much of academia that instead of learning what happened and why we must learn all about the homosexual lifestyle and stress the importance of people who did not truly contribute what is ascribed to them. It breaks my heart to think of Jesse Jackson chanting “Hey, hey ho, ho,Western culture’s got to go.”

When I first began my interest in history I was fascinated with the discovery that so many great civilizations with so much power were no longer existing let alone no longer flourishing. I know this civilization we call the United States of America is in the initial stages of collapse. Like those entities which came before us, we are sowing the seeds of our own destruction. I am not young enough to believe I will see the inevitable end, but I do know it is coming. Our greatest president, Abraham Lincoln said if America falls it will not be because of any foreign power, but because we fell from within. That is a paraphrase of his original quote, but the meaning is there.

God Bless what is left of America

Bob Grant

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