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Dangerous Exotics Terrorize Ohio Town

October 19, 2011

I will never understand most people. There is a peculiar, perverse streak in so many humans that it defies logic. Yesterday an incident happened in a rural county in southeast Ohio. A strange man by the name of Terry Thompson was just released from county jail after serving a brief sentence for animal abuse. It wasn’t abuse of his dog or cat that got him in trouble with the law. It was abuse of exotic animals. These animals are not only exotic, they are dangerous. Terry had a total of over 50 of these beasts. He had lions, tigers, leopards, monkeys, and two different species of bears. All of the animals were killers and would not hesitate for one second to swallow you whole.

Thompson, it is believed, took out his anger by releasing all the animals from his private zoo. After he opened all the cages, he obviously took his own life with a rifle. He was found dead on the grounds of his bizarre compound. The county sheriff was notified that a 911 call had been received notifying him and his deputies of the danger they faced if they did not take quick action. If they did not act quickly, the wild and dangerous animals would be free to roam around the countryside and would kill every human being in sight. Parents were alarmed about their children who were unaware of what had occurred.

This local sheriff should be given a medal for his professionalism. His deputies had no choice but to kill most of the wild beasts. The few they did not have to kill were taken to the Columbus Zoo which is directed by the famous animal expert, Jack Hanna. Hanna took custody of the roaming beasts and assured the assembled press that they had no choice but to “put down” the wild and unpredictable creatures. The phrase, “put down” sounds less severe than using the word kill. Nevertheless, during the press briefing, both Hanna, and especially, the sheriff, whose name is Matt Lutz, were constantly asked why they did not tranquilize the animals. It was explained by both that there was no opportunity to do that. Night was falling and they were not close enough to their target. If they had tried to tranquilize those beasts, there was no chance they could anyway. Can you imagine what would have happened if those county deputies did not take into account the safety of the people of Ohio? And yet the question was continually asked about tranquilizing rather than killing those wild beasts.

Even Megyn Kelly, one of Roger Ailes’ cutie pies, who was doing an interview for Fox News, said to Hanna, “I’m sure I speak for all of America when I tell you how much we regret losing these animals.” Hey, folks! What would she have said if the wild animals lived on to kill dozens of men, women, and children? I will never understand why so many people are so concerned about wild animals, but don’t seem to give a darn about their fellow human beings!

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