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My Easter Message

April 22, 2011

Years ago Easter Sunday was more than the Easter Bunny and the Easter egg hunt and dressing up for the Easter parade. If you ask the average 12-year-old American kid what is Easter, he couldn’t tell you. Those of you who have listened to the Bob Grant Show on radio and of late read this column, know I am not a reverend or in any way known for pushing religion. I believe religion is a personal thing and if you worship in a different way than I do, so what?

I think the worst thing about Islam is that its adherents demand we all believe in Shariah law, which means we should all be Muslims. I did not intend to write about this subject when I began, but since this is Easter week, and since Easter Sunday is upon us, I decided to do some research and I learned that only a minority of American youngsters seem to know that it was on Easter Sunday that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. This holiday is the very basis of Christianity. Without the resurrection of Jesus, there would be no Christian religion.

I assure you I am not an evangelist. I am not trying to convert anyone. If there is one thing about the religion that I was raised in that truly annoys me is that what should be religious holidays have no element of the true meaning of Easter or Christmas. Without the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there would be no holiday in either case. Jesus has been replaced in December by Santa Claus, and in April by the Peter Cottontail. Worst of all, Christians have become timorous about expressing their belief. All of this shyness on the part of Christians is part of a general timidity on the part of European-Americans in general.

It is alright if a member of the black race speaks out about the greatness of that race. It is not a sin to brag about the virtues of being Hispanic. But God forbid any white American laud his own kinsmen and his own contributions to civilization. If you are white and you are proud of your background, somehow or other that automatically makes you a racist. But if you do the same thing and you are African-American or Hispanic, that makes you a noble, righteous and brave hero. I know that right now some of you reading this may be thinking, “I knew this guy is a racist!” Why would you think that? Have I written anything derogatory about anyone? No, I haven’t. Nevertheless you may have become so brainwashed you could be forgiven if you believe only whites are racists and all other groups are victims.

I will not change anything by virtue of writing this, but even if you don’t like what I have said, I feel better for having shared these thoughts with you. In the meantime, HAPPY EASTER . . . the Lord has risen! Bob Grant

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