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Do You Think Donald Trump Would Make a Good President?

April 1, 2011

I read a very depressing report in the National Journal written by Matthew Dowd, who is no relation to Maureen Dowd. That is the only good thing I can say about Matthew Dowd. He has put together some facts and history and a demographic shocking disclosure to paint a picture where Barack Obama will win a second term. even if he doesn’t pick Hillary Clinton as I predicted he would.

First of all, history is on Barack Obama’s side. No incumbent Democrat has failed to win a second term in 120 years with one exception.That one exception was in 1980 when Ronald Reagan defeated the feckless Jimmy Carter. So history is on Obama’s side.

Now we come to demography. And here is where Obama really has it made. It turns out that the so-called minority population has outpaced the white population in terms of growth of overall numbers. And this population explosion have taken place in some states that heretofore were considered safe for Republicans. So, demographics are also on Obama’s side. By this time next year, the economy should be on the upswing. Even though the president is not really responsible for that uptick and, as a matter of fact, it will occur in spite of the sitting president not because of him. And sadly, he will get the credit.

People, as you should know by now are stupid and have extremely short memories. The only thing that could conceivably defeat Obama would be a truly charismatic Republican candidate. Guess what? Ronald Reagan is nowhere to be found. We can’t run a candidate as though he were Ronald Reagan. If you remember, all the second raters trying to get the nomination in 2008 claimed he was really Ronald Reagan, and that was pathetic. But, the Grand Old Party, which is much better at fighting within the family than fighting the Democrats, could not pull it off. As a result, we have all suffered because the guy in the White House is out to destroy America as we have known it.

I don’t think nominating Donald Trump would be such a terrible thing. As a matter of fact, he might be our only hope. Now what do you think about that?

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