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The Two Worst Verdicts in History

November 17, 2011

I recently watched a particular segment on Dr. Phil in which the Florida prosecutor, Jeff Ashton, in the Casey Anthony trial, tells why he thinks the trial ended as it did. Since I was so devastated when I learned that the jury in that miscarriage of justice found the monster, Casey Anthony, “not guilty,” it made me totally disgusted and convinced that the American justice system is not what we would like to think it is. I believed most of my life that the justice system in the United States was the best in the world. Maybe if I tried some other justice system in another country, I might still think ours was the best. But, I don’t live in another country and being at heart an idealist, I will have to put up with the outrages of the two most tragic jury trials in American history.

The first jolt to my faith in the American justice system came on October 3, 1995, when a jury in Los Angeles proclaimed, “We, the jury, find the defendant, O.J. Simpson, not guilty!” That was something I had predicted on my top rated WABC radio show. I had been making that prediction for weeks on end since the murder trial captured the attention of my vast audience who wanted to talk about the day’s proceedings. One of the first questions I was asked by my callers was how could I be so sure Simpson would be found got guilty? I answered frankly and knowing that my answer would provoke the audience, “I saw what the jury looked like.” Sad but true, the jury, which was 10 percent African-American and two percent Hispanic, was not going to convict a “brother” for killing two white people . . . especially a brother who was a famous football star and Hollywood actor.

The Casey Anthony verdict was rendered by 12 morons who could not understand simple logic. They could not use logic because they didn’t know the meaning of the word. It is my hope that all 12 of the jurors in the Casey Anthony trial receive a dose of divine retribution. They and the O.J. Simpson jury have proven beyond anything that there is no such thing as a jury of our peers. We no longer have peers in American juries because we are not all Americans —we are as divided as we are stupid and frightened. America was once a great nation, though. If you can find a real American history book, you may read what I am talking about.

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