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GOP Needs to Face the Real Enemy

December 12, 2011

If you were Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich, or any of the other Republicans seeking the GOP nomination, would you go all out to destroy your opponents? If you were Romney, for example, would you keep hammering away at Newt’s unreliable or unpredictable nature? If you were Gingrich, would you keep reminding people that “Mitt Romney is a failed politician”, who is a “flip-flopper”? If you were Ron Paul or Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, John Huntsman, or Rick Santorum, would you savage the leading two candidates so that you could carry the banner come November of 2012? The only person who benefits from all the attacks on the two frontrunners is not Mitt Romney. It is not Newt Gingrich. It is Barack the Boastful, known to many as Barack Hussein Obama!

I knew this would happen. Perhaps if I were one of the Republican contenders I might do the same. I might also not care whether Barack the Boastful gets a second term. Heck, if I can’t get the Republican nomination myself, I don’t care! My dear readers, I honestly believe that if it was up to me and I was running against Newt or Mitt or Ron, I would not damage their chances of beating Obama. I would put the future of our country ahead of my own personal ambition. Why am I not surprised that none of these candidates cannot practice Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment which is: “Do not speak ill of another Republican.” Of course, there was only one Ronald Reagan and this is why he has gone down in American history as one of our greatest presidents.

I have warned my listeners who have been faithful to me beyond belief, that if you want to make big financial score, go to Las Vegas where you can bet on anything, including the outcome of a presidential election. I said this repeatedly months ago. At that time the savants were saying Barack the boastful was doomed to be defeated. The polls were negative for him. He was down and going down even more. But, I have been asked why I have been so sure this worst president of all time would win a second term. The answer is simple. He will win for two reasons. Reason number one is in addition to his billion dollar re-election chest, he is a great campaigner. That is all he is good for —campaigning. Why shouldn’t he be so good at it? After all that is all he does. He has campaigned since he won his party’s nomination. He campaigned before this election and he hasn’t stopped even one day since that disastrous day in November of 2008. There isn’t one thing he does or says that is not designed to win him a second term. He is totally obsessed with winning that second term and he will stop at nothing to achieve it.

My main regret is that the Republican contenders for the GOP nomination are helping Obama more than they know. Without their disarray, we could beat the boastful one! But, these poor blind creatures cannot get together and focus on their real enemy. It is not each other who is their enemy, it is the same enemy facing the American people. . . Barack Obama!

Bob Grant

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