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Four Frightening Scenarios for the Republic

October 31, 2011

Dear Readers,

I am very happy to let those of you who read, know that I am receiving more and more messages of the type sent to me by a loyal reader by the name of Craig. This confirms my contention that if more people in the media were to come out and fearlessly expose the problems facing this once great Republic, we might be able to stanch the hemorrhaging of the American nation.

Because white Americans have a misplaced sense of guilt for slavery and Jim Crow laws, many decent citizens whose ancestors came from Europe bend over backward in trying to avoid seeming racist. And let us admit the fact that fear plays a vital part in the problem of the diminishing white influence on our culture. People don’t want to admit they still fear the black man. They fear him physically and they fear him in a cultural sense. However, the suspicion is that a good many citizens do have this unease. Hopefully, this will prove to be transitory, but in the final analysis, it is my opinion America will never be the nation envisioned by mindless liberals who yearn for an unrealistic, unattainable America.

I suspect that Craig’s number four scenario he mentions in his letter to me, below, is what the final outcome may be. What do you think? Write and let us know. And, let’s be heard!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

Dear Bob Grant,

Hi Bob, I am in my early fifties and have listened to you for many years (I met you once at the Reo Diner). I enjoyed your interview with Pat Buchanan. You and Pat are, unfortunately, correct. Let me give you my take.

As we move forward, one of four scenarios will take place:

  • • Americans start to wake up and the trends are reversed. However, I believe this is unlikely to occur.

  • • Millions of Third World people that come to our country suddenly start to assimilate and believe in our culture and become proud Americans. Again, this is not likely.

  • • America eventually becomes a Third World nation. Today will be considered the good old days. At this point in time, this is most likely to happen.

  • • Up until now, never thought this would be a possibility. No one will discuss this. Millions of non-westerners/third worlders start to form enclaves and dominate regions of our once great country. Westerners and those who truly love and value this great country do the same. We are already starting to see some signs of this. Things happen and ultimately this country divides.

Without going into detail, we are starting to see some states looking to become more and more independent of the federal government (liberal democrat) policies. I have no idea of the probability of this happening, yet this is a distinct possibility.

Your thoughts would be interesting. Thanks for listening.



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