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The Legacy of a Community Organizer

August 5, 2011

Needless to say, we have certainly come to the inevitable realization that the American people made a tragic and nation wounding decision when they elected Barack Obama to be our 44th president. Here is a man who has had no executive experience whatsoever. Here is a man whose roots are not American, but foreign. I mean foreign, not in a genetic sense, but in his concept of what America should be. He has had no executive experience at all. We really don’t know very much about what papers he wrote while in college. There is much in his background that to this day is still shrouded in mystery. He has said that he was a community organizer. What is a community organizer? What is a community? The community is the neighborhood one lives in. Does that mean he was a block captain and knocked on doors to rally his neighbors to clean the graffiti from the buildings and subway cars? Does it mean organizing the folks to stop throwing their garbage in the street? Does being a community organizer mean holding meetings to talk about precisely what? Maybe a community organizer means one orchestrates a march on city hall to pressure the city government to lower taxes, if indeed the community in question pays any taxes at all. Or, does being a community organizer mean a person who shares his political beliefs so that the common folk will believe that the organizer would make a good senator and subsequently a good president?

More to the point: Did Obama beg his political career by rousing the people to follow him wherever he may choose to go, as he spreads the teachings of Saul Alinsky and other revolutionaries like William Ayers? Does a community organizer gain more strength and knowledge by attending faithfully for 20 years the so-called church where a white-hating, America-hating Jeremiah Wright poisoned the minds of the parishioners with vile anti-American propaganda? Can anyone ever forget these words which were uttered by Obama’s mentor, “God Bless America? I say God Damn America!” I have never forgotten Obama’s background and that is why I knew we were in for perilous times once he became president. Too bad so many Democrats put what they consider to be the good of their party ahead of the survival of their country. Who else but a moron would say the things Vice President Joe Biden says? But Joe Biden knows he could never have been elected president, so as vice president . . . isn’t that almost as good?

What if America never elects any more presidents or vice presidents because we will no longer be a Republic? Yes, my friends, our days as a free people are coming to an end. When a child and her mother are fined a considerable amount of money because they tried to save a bird from harm and thus violated a senseless law . . . it is a travesty. When a good, honest citizen is fined $2,000 because he didn’t know he was supposed to provide a water spigot for his beehive — this and many other outrages of far more onerous import spell doom for the America we one knew and loved. Well, we did make a good run for over 230 years. It was great while it lasted. Don’t worry, it is not totally over yet. But, we are experiencing the slow death of our Republic and the American people are the only ones who can save it. All we have to do is find them. But, where have they gone?

Bob Grant

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