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No Pretense for Chris Matthews

May 26, 2011

Even though I am a radio broadcaster and write a column, I have come to the conclusion that maybe I should get out of the communications business and never turn on television, radio, or the Internet ever again! I just can’t take the unfairness out there. For example, there is a dirtbag by the name of Chris Matthews who broadcasts daily on MSNBC. He is the same moron who said after watching an Obama speech in the spring of 2008, he felt a tingle going up his leg. I won’t try to be a loon like Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart and make some crude puerile joke. But when Matthews made that statement, even some of his friends thought it was a strange thing for one man to say about another.

Chris Matthews no longer makes any pretense that he’s a journalist or reporter or commentator. He is what he is . . . a shill for any Democrat, no matter who that Democrat may be, and, of course, he especially loves Barack Obama. He can love Barack all he wants, but when he shows what an ugly hypocrite he is — that should be too much for anybody. The one thing that Chris and his liberal moronic colleagues have going for them is that their audience is so small they could shout fire and no one would be trampled to death. Truth be told, it has always been an uneven playing field out there in the political jungle.

I cut my broadcast teeth in the CBS central newsroom. I knew even back then that being a conservative and a registered Republican was living dangerously when I was surrounded by lefties who all wanted to kill Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin, and couldn’t believe that any Republican could beat Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson when the 1952 presidential was taking place. I did a public affairs program with Governor Stevenson called, “Ask the Governor.” Stevenson was a very nice man whom I liked personally.We would chat for a few minutes prior to recording his weekly broadcast. We did not talk politics and he never asked me a political question. If he had asked my political registration, I would gladly have told him. In the 12 weeks we did the program together, I grew quite fond of the man as a person. However, there was no way I could vote for him since he was too much of an idealist who would play right into Joe Stalin’s hands. I knew, on the other hand, that his opponent, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, was just the right man for the job and urged all of my friends to vote for the hero of the war in Europe.

If you look it up, you will find that the Republicans scored a huge victory and it saved America and the free world from falling in the trap of thinking “if only we would be nice then the Russians wouldn’t try to take over the rest of the world and crush us.” There were great lessons for America to learn and even though Jimmy Carter came along years later and was tragically naive, I don’t think if Ronald Reagan hadn’t come along in 1980 we would have won the Cold War.

What does all this have to do with Chris Matthews? Simply this: If Matthews and his lefty loons have their way, Barack Obama will have a second term and I have to say if he does remain president until January of 2017, it truly will be over for us and the America we all love will no longer exist!

Bob Grant

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