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Christie Guessing Game Is Over

October 5, 2011

I am glad it’s over! What is over? People have been badgering me for weeks and weeks to tell them two things. First, is Chris Christie going to run for president? And secondly, will I support him? I have told them repeatedly that Governor Chris Christie is a unique politician in many ways. One of his outstanding qualities is that he means what he says. I also think he likes being governor of this state because he sincerely loves New Jersey. So, when those two questions were put to me time and time again, I would say, “First of all he is not running, but if he did I would be proud to support him.”

But, when you see what the Washington Post has been trying to do to Governor Rick Perry of Texas, that has got to send a message that if you are not a masochist don’t put your hat in the ring — especially if you are a Republican. Apparently it is alright for a Democrat to be tied to some indiscretion or faux pas. If you are a Republican then the mainstream press will hammer and hammer until a lie or a nonissue is made into a mountain of incriminating verbiage so that even the left-wing vandals begin to believe their own lies. This nonsense is all about a racial disparaging word that appeared on a rock outside a hunting and fishing area in the Texas countryside. The Perry family didn’t even own the land and only leased it. Someone, several years ago, had painted over the offending word and no one gave it a second thought until two weeks ago when an enemy of the governor contacted the liberal Washington Post and the Post thought they could use this ridiculous story to damage Rick Perry’s possible candidacy. Since left-wing morons love to equate Republicans with Nazis and racists, it was a natural to ply this fiction to the hilt. I don’t believe this story is really going to go anywhere no matter how much the Obama gang would like to see that happen. Then again, maybe the Obama gang doesn’t want to see Perry lose in the sweepstakes to get the nomination because they keep saying “off the record” and of course, that Rick Perry would be easy to beat. If they want the rest of us to believe that, then we should be on guard because they probably fear a Perry candidacy.

One thing is for sure. Whoever the Republican nominee is, that person must be prepared for a dirty heavily financed campaign. The person better not be thin skinned. He or she better be ready for a battle against the most cunning unscrupulous incumbent in the history of the Republic! We, the people must also be on guard. We must not be taken in by the most clever, ruthless lying machine in American political history . . . a machine that has been oiled and sharpened in the windy city. How do I know? I was born and raised in Chicago and was a reporter for CBS there. I even got thrown out of a Democrat meeting by no less a political powerhouse than Richard J. Daley. When I saw how the Democrats operated, I had no hesitance about becoming a Republican. And I am and always will be proud of it.

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