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Trump Got the Birth Certificate

April 27, 2011

So, it took a guy who is not really a politician to smoke out Obama! Donald Trump, unlike many people who pretend to be fearless, kept hammering away and Barack the boastful produced the birth certificate at last. Trump won! Now he wants to have the school records and other mysteries exposed so the public can understand how a person who did not do well in college was able to get into Harvard Law School and Columbia University. Why are not only Obama’s grades secret, but so are whatever theses he wrote? If it had been anybody else on the political scene who had kept those secrets the major media outlets would have been howling like a pack of wolves at full moon.

So, let us see if Trump can smoke those secrets out. Because he was successful in doing that does not mean he could win the nomination or for that matter that he would beat Barack the boastful. It does mean that chutzpah is in short supply in the GOP and Donald Trump would do his country a great service if he could teach other Republican candidates how to develop that rare asset.

Speaking of politicians who claim to be Republicans, did you notice that Rudy Giuliani is making some sounds that sound like he is thinking about doing in 2012 what he didn’t do in 2008? In case you forgot Rudy claimed he was running for the Republican nomination and wanted to run against Barack the boastful. But, he was afraid to compete in Iowa and afraid to compete in New Hampshire and he was afraid to compete in South Carolina. He said he was saving his resources for the Florida primary. He claimed the 45 million dollars or so that he had raised was going to be used to win big in Florida. It never happened. And Rudy blamed a person who deserves no support from me or any other thinking person — Charlie Crist, the former governor of Florida. Charlie it seems likes to double cross people, but they say so does Rudy.

Don’t forget when Rudy was supposedly going to run for the Senate against Hillary Clinton. All of a sudden he revealed he had prostate cancer and said he couldn’t campaign. So, Rick Lazio was dragooned to run against the former first lady in place of Rudy the reticent. And how did Rudy’s health quietly improve with nary a word? I am not saying he didn’t have cancer of the prostate, but we didn’t seem to hear another word about it once Rick Lazio became the candidate against Hillary.

One other thing about Rudy the reticent. In l996 when I made a joke over the fact that Commerce Secretary Ron Brown had “been the sole survivor in a plane crash in Bosnia” and got fired in a most public and ugly way, the New York Daily News asked Governor George Pataki if he thought ABC was right to fire me. The governor said, “No, I don’t think they should have fired Bob for that.” The Daily News also asked the mayor, Rudy Giuliani. His response was “Yes, I think they did the right thing.” And yet when I called Rudy on his private line because he had left a message for me, he said, “Bob they misquoted me. You know I would not say that.”

That was in April of 1996 . . . a long time ago in more ways than one. That incident did great damage to my career. Other people became stars on the network and I was gone. True, a few days after that WOR hired me, but the damage to my reputation was never diminished. Hey, why did I get started writing about that? I will tell you why: Because something that horrendous never goes away. Thanks to you the audience, I did survive after a fashion.

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