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I Can’t Get Over the Anthony Verdict

July 9, 2011

If it weren’t for the emails that I receive from you readers of this column, and those of you who listen to the Bob Grant show every Sunday, I would have an even worse opinion of America than I unfortunately come to have. Several reasons for my disillusion are found primarily in three places. Number one is the total bankruptcy of our criminal justice system. It has gotten so ludicrous that the only way we can convict anyone of murder anymore is if we see an actual video tape of them pulling the trigger of the gun or plunging the knife into the victim’s heart.

I dread the forthcoming celebrity status of Casey Anthony. She is a baby killer who not only caused the death of her beautiful daughter, but tortured her repeatedly. We all knew what she did and yet when it came time to pass judgment, the collection of birdbrains we mistakenly called a jury could not even convict Casey Anthony of the lesser crimes they could have convicted her on if felony murder was too much. They could not even bring themselves to convict her for all the other transgressions she committed like not reporting her daughter missing for 31 days and aggravated child abuse.

It has been suggested that I get over this verdict because people who care about me say that since this miscarriage of justice I have been a walking basket case! I am sorry that I grew to love little Caylee even though I only saw her pictures. I not only grieve for that little angel, I grieve for the death of this once great Republic. I no longer have any love for this once proud nation. The second reason I have lost faith in my country is the person who occupies the Oval Office. I know there will be those people who say I feel that way because he is a liberal Democrat. No, I feel that way because he is a narcissist of the lowest kind. He cannot tell the truth. Also, I resent the fact that we white people are so guilt ridden or is it we are so cowardly that we can’t criticize the fake, phony, fraud if he were white like George W. Bush, or for that matter, Bill Clinton.

I know better than most of my fellow Americans the awful price one pays for being honest. And back in the 1990s when I was smeared relentlessly — who was there to stand by my side? My enemies had a field day and yet, oddly enough, I found some comfort in the words of Martin Luther King, who said, “When I look back, it is not so much the words and actions of my enemies that trouble me, but the silence of my friends!” And so the second reason I no longer have affection for America is that we are not given the same latitude in freedom of speech as say, Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or Barack Obama. If you disagree, you can let me know.

And the third reason I have for being no longer in love with America, is the power we have given to homosexuals. I do not hate homosexuals because of their sexual orientation. I do not even hate homosexuals. But I do hate the idiots who are responsible for textbooks put out by the public school system in California which will also soon be implemented in other states. Those textbooks are supposed to present a specific number of words and sentences depicting the accomplishments of gay and lesbian citizens. Does that make any sense? I don’t think it does. What it does prove is that the homosexual community has a lot of power, and, secondly, the rest of us are cowards.

And so you have it. If you want to write me off as a bigot and a homophobe, I can’t stop you. However, many must know deep in your hearts that what I have written here is right.

Bob Grant

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