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A Gross Miscarriage of Justice

July 7, 2011

The stunning, disheartening news from Orlando, Florida on Tuesday brought me back to October 3, 1995. It was shortly after one p.m. eastern time. I was in my studio waiting to go on the air when I heard the news from Los Angeles. Again, it was those two words which sent shock waves across the nation . . . NOT GUILTY! The defendant in that case was the double murderer: O.J. Simpson. In his case it also seemed to be an open and shut case. Surely he was as guilty as anyone could possibly be. But, after a charade of a trial as an incompetent judge allowed the defense team, headed by Johnnie Cochran, to make a mockery of American jurisprudence, a guilty person was allowed to walk free.

The jury admitted what some of us always knew . . . that jury would not convict a fellow black brother no matter what the evidence said. And they admitted as much in subsequent statements. Throughout America, many celebrated more than they did on New Year’s Eve. Most of them were happy beyond belief. What did all this have to do with the murder of two innocent people? It had nothing to do with the death of Nicole Brown Simpson, O.J.’s former wife, and Ron Goldman, the young man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The entire nation knew he was guilty from the moment we saw Simpson driving the infamous white Ford Bronco while he was being gently perused by the police.

I couldn’t help but think of that time back in the mid-1990s because from that time on I no longer had faith in the jury system or the law. But, when the body of that beautiful angel, Caylee Anthony, was found in a wooded swamp where her mother must have put it, when the child who had been tortured by having her mouth taped and forced to breathe chloroform, when all the cruelties that were heaped upon her were presented — what effect did that have on the jury? When it was brought out that for one month Casey Anthony had been out having a great time while her daughter was decomposing close to the Anthony residence, and, the question arose, if your daughter was missing, why didn’t you report her missing?

I am going to stop torturing myself and perhaps you too if I go on with all the pain I feel, first of all for that lovely child, and secondly, as I mourn once again the preposterous joke that is the jury system — a system that has put into the position of power 12 morons who are not really fit to carry the garbage, let alone sit in judgment of a monster. I can only hope that there is a force somewhere which will mete out the justice Casey Anthony should have received from a jury of her peers. And that goes for her mother, Cindy Anthony, who told such an obscene lie, perjuring herself on the witness stand, that her genes are obviously alive in her daughter. As one of my colleagues put it, “Somewhere out there, the devil is dancing tonight.”

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