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Caylee: Gone But Not Forgotten

July 12, 2011

I cannot express the depth and width of my gratitude to all you people who read this column. I cannot find the words to sufficiently convey my feelings to each and every one of you. I have been called a commentator, a radio host, a writer, a leader, and so many other things. Some of the things I have been called are complimentary and laudatory. Some of the things said about me have been critical, harsh, slanderous and downright malicious. But, when I write this column, it is not meant to be a work of great journalism or keen analysis of a news event or political issue. It is to share my feelings and emotions with you as one person to another.

There are those in my field who are not bound by their emotions. They are fortunate because with them it is merely sitting before a microphone or camera and saying things that will endear them to their listeners. They know what their audience wants and they give it to them. The key to being a successful talk show host in this day and age is to sound intensely interested in virtually every subject under the sun. Also, unlike the early days of two-way talk radio, it is important to be a conservative and follow the thinking of the majority of your listeners. You weigh your position based on how the majority of your fans feel, and then make your decision as to what position to take on each issue.

I have paid a price for not being loyal to the cause. Mind you, I am not being critical of any other talk show host when I say this. I am only recognizing how much better my life would have been if I had crafted my monologues in such a way that I would have not upset the wrong people. Also, there is another rule to keep in mind if you want to be a big time talk show host. That rule is to not ever get down to the actual level of your audience. Always remember, no matter how humble you may pretend you are, you are really smarter and better than they are.

So when I write my columns such as the one you are reading now, I really shouldn’t tell you how absolutely sick I am because of what happened to that little angel, Caylee Anthony. I can’t tell you how distraught I have been ever since that obscene and bizarre verdict came in. The verdict that said, “Yes, we know you lied to the police on four different occasions. Yes, we know you spent 31 days having a ball while your beautiful two year old child was decomposing in the place where you hid her. Yes, we know everything pointed to the fact that Casey Anthony is a sociopath who murdered and tortured her own daughter, but we will find you not guilty because we are a bunch of morons who have no right to sit on any jury.”

Why couldn’t I be like all those other guys? Why is Nancy Grace the only one who seems to genuinely care? Once again, my friends, thank you for reading this column. Straight Ahead!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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