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January 20, 2011

I have been reading most of the morning about two different mob stories.

One of them is about the Beijing mob headed by a Mafioso named President Hu. He is typical of big time mobsters in that he dresses very well. He is neatly coiffed and he has a nice smile. He looks like an oriental version of somebody like Paul “Needle Nose” Labriola of the old Al Capone gang.

But really, I think President Hu is a very dignified and benign looking gentleman. Make no mistake, though. He can order a mob hit at the drop of a noodle. He has all the necessary traits of a big time mob guy. He is steadfast in his beliefs and he knows who is a cacazote and who is a genuine tough guy.

He likes Barack (no birth certificate) Obama. He likes him because he knows Obama is a first-class cacazote. It is painfully apparent that the U.S. mob, if we refer to us as a mob, is headed by an ineffectual punk who pretends to be a leader, but sadly is not. Just imagine the head of any mob apologizing for what the former head did until he was the victim of a whack job. Can you imagine Paul Needle Nose Labriola saying, “I was ashamed of my mob. I don’t want anybody to hold it against me because they had to whack some guys. And I don’t want any other family to hold it against my family. All I want is to be able to kiss their tush any time they bend over. And speaking of bending, I want to show them how far I can bow to them whenever we meet.”

On the other hand, maybe we really don’t want our mob to be headed by this pipsqueek. Maybe we should have elected that broad that ran against him in the primary. Or better yet, maybe we should have elected the fighter pilot who got shot down over Vietnam while doing his duty as a Navy pilot. Instead we were all so fascinated with the words “change we can believe in,” that we voted for the skinny guy from . . . from where?

I was about to say from Chicago, but that isn’t where he is from, let’s see . . . oh, yes, from Hawaii, but no, he is not really from there even though he or someone who knows says he was born there. How about Indonesia? Yes, that’s where he is from. But no, he says he wasn’t born there.

What about Kenya? Well, maybe that is where he originated. Someday we will find out where he really was born, but if it was Hawaii, he would have a birth certificate to prove it like anybody else. I hope the super fair and balanced Bill O’Reilly from Fox News won’t mind if I still would like proof that the guy who is supposed to our leader was truly a native-born American like the Constitution says he is supposed to be.

Hey Bill, don’t be mad at me and call me a birther. I know you only do that shtick to keep your bonafides as the only right winger who is really fair and, yes, balanced. So we go along fighting amongst ourselves as we slip below the mob from Red Dragon Country.

It is over America. I warned you folks. I told you folks and I really cared when I did issue the alarm. But, our once great Republic has changed so much, I really don’t care the way I used to.

There is nothing more to care about. But, let’s admit it...July 4, 1776 until January 20, 2009, it was quite a country. There will never be another like it!

But, most of you don’t really seem to care, so why should I?

Bob Grant

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That slams the lid onthings for today

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