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I Envision Second and Third Terms for Obama

December 21, 2011

The Republican Party, my party, has been called the stupid party. Although I don’t like that, it is true. Time and time again the Republicans forget what politics is all about. It is about taking positions that will put your candidate or your party in the best possible light. If, for example, the president of the United States, who is at heart a socialist and who believes in high taxes and the destruction of the job creators who are by necessity capitalists, is taking a position to make himself look like the champion of the underdog and the friend of the working man, then the Republicans should take that into account and play the same game.

But, since Senator Harry Reid, on orders from Barack the Boastful, adjourned the Senate until January, he has the defense of saying to John Boehner that he cannot comply with his request to convene a special session. “Therefore, you Mr. Speaker, are going to be held accountable when the people see their paychecks diminished an average of $20.” John Boehner and the Republicans do not want that, but that is what is going to happen unless they agree in principal to accept the phony Democrat Senate bill. I realize I am not going into detail which might make all this a little easier to understand. However, those of you who have been reading my editorials on this site know that I do not believe it is necessary to go into the minutiae of most things. The reason the Democrats usually prevail on national or state elections is simply that the Democrats know the public is gullible and therefore they make charges against the GOP over and over. The Republicans still think it won’t work because the Democrats are not telling the truth.

And don’t forget how childish it all is. First of all, have you ever heard a typical New York Yankee fan? They assume because the Yankees win most of the time that everybody will be a Yankee fan. Have you ever heard a sports fan, regardless of what sport or what team is being discussed? All that matters to the fan is the uniform. No matter who it is, if he is wearing the uniform of the team of his or her choice, then that makes him OK. And so it is with politics. In New Jersey, for example, most people are registered Democrats. So, no matter how lousy the guy may be chances are if he is a Democrat he will win the election. There are exceptions, of course. For example, after electing a homosexual, lying creep like Jim McGreevey, the people of New Jersey elected another Democrat who talked like a crook, walked like a crook — and you know the rest. And now that walking, talking fake phony, fraud, John Corzine, may spend some time in jail. But, he was and is a Democrat, so we should cut him some slack. But, New Jersey did elect a Republican who ran against Corzine and even so, the people of New Jersey say if the election were held today they would vote for the socialist who is a registered Democrat. He is Barack the Boastful.

As for myself, I really don’t see much of a future for this once great Republic. The great men of history have all agreed that democracy is doomed to failure. The only reason we have lasted this long is we are a Republic. But, thanks to the Democrats, and especially, Barack the Boastful, this Republic will vanish by the year 2016. That is the year Barack Obama will run for a third term. Remember, you read it here first. I will be a very wealthy man by then because I am going to Las Vegas to bet whatever money I have on Barack to win his second term in 2012. Sorry folks.

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