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Selling Fake Claims

January 31, 2011

I just read an e-mail from my grandson, Andrew. He is bright, intelligent, and listens to the Bob Grant Show faithfully every Sunday.

He sent me a long message because he had seen a so-called documentary on the Internet which tried to make the case that even though Barack Obama is a failure and even though the public has become disappointed in him, it is really not his fault. Everything he does is done at the direction of a cabal of super rich people who can never have enough money.

This documentary also claims that every president since John F. Kennedy has been a prisoner of these super rich, sinister evil men. There have always been those out there who try to sell one preposterous fairy tale after another.

As long as I can remember, I have heard of the Illuminati, the Bilderbergs, etc. It is actually fun to make up these tall tales and get paid for doing so. This is an old pastime with some people. The aspect of this type of documentary that angers me the most is that the people who put these false productions together must know in their hearts what they are selling is not true.

How can I say that? Simple. Since they are putting the words together, where are they getting the words? They certainly are not getting them from a reputable history book. And, they certainly are not getting them from any respectable periodical or daily newspaper. They are creative, imaginative and are clever enough to salt their presentation with a half truth just to try to gain some credibility.

What this so-called documentary is saying is not in itself harmful. The people who concoct this fiction do so for an easy buck. How do they make their money? Just read their material, listen to their spiel, and you will be asked for donations to help in the fight.

Do they ever have a timetable? I had better stop writing this because the more I do, the angrier I get. If you want to send a donation to any of those people, why don’t you donate something to St. Francis of Rome School in Cicero, Illinois? They are good, decent and deserving people. They will truly appreciate a modest donation.

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