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My Greatest Fear

February 18, 2011

For the first time in my life, I really believe the end of the Republic is at hand. I know that sounds beyond pessimistic; it is alarmist and I am alarmed.

For the first time in my life, I am convinced that the majority of the American people are not ready to take on the enemies in our midst. The majority of the American people can be frozen in their tracks. Our domestic enemies are favored to win because most Americans are horrified at the suggestion they might be called RACISTS!

Yes, we are fast approaching that time most of us dreaded and that is a race war. I do not want any kind of internal war, especially a race war. But, we won’t call it a race war. We will call it by many different names, but underneath it all, it will be a race war.

I bet you are wondering what has led me to this sorry conclusion. Well, the culprit is the appearance today at the Wisconsin state capitol in Madison of the racist opportunist Jesse Jackson. The man has no business injecting himself in this battle between the Wisconsin taxpayers and the spoiled overindulged state workers, including the worthless school teachers.

These are people who claim their only concern is the school children. If that were true, they wouldn’t be causing a shutdown of all the schools. They wouldn’t be encouraging their pupils to go to the private homes of state lawmakers in order to intimidate and frighten them and their families.

It is one thing to go to Madison and parade outside the capitol building. It is totally unconscionable to go to the homes of lawmakers and terrorize the people who are only doing what the voters wanted them to do - or they wouldn’t have voted for them.

But, when one of their heroes, Russ Feingold, who lost in his bid for a third term in the Senate, is still hanging around and egging on the thugs to commit acts that have no place in American politics, I say to Jackson, Feingold, and all the other troublemakers: Go home! However, I know they won’t. I know they sense this is their moment - their moment to take down the Republic.

When Jackson says this is just like Cairo, what is he saying? Is he saying that Scott Walker, who was just elected governor, is the same as Hosni Mubarak who has been the Egyptian dictator for 30 years? Is that what this enemy of America is saying? Of course, that is what he is saying and he can say anything he wants because he is Jesse Jackson. He can call me a racist as he did in 1996 and who is going to stand up to him?

Disney didn’t dare stand up to him. Robert Iger, Disney’s president, would have bowed to him and thank him for calling my existence to his attention. The other day in Dallas County, Texas, a county commissioner remarked to white people in the auditorium where they were discussing a county matter, “Why don’t all you white people get out of here?” And when he was asked if he wanted to amend his statement, he said “Hell, no!”

You see, he is protected by virtue of his race. So, like Jackson and Al Sharpton and so many others, he has the advantage. The rest of us better mind our p’s and q’s. So, my fellow citizens, although the governor of Wisconsin was doing his job and trying to follow through on his campaign pledge to stanch the hemorrhaging of the state’s resources, he is portrayed as the villain and the hypocrites who are sabotaging the government are being lauded as heroes.

And what about the real villain of this sad tragedy? What about the president of the United States, who instead of being a statesman and extolling both sides to seek a solution, has poured gasoline on the fire? He is not concerned with the future of the nation. He is more concerned with the dismantling of this once great Republic.

And, what better way to do that than by inciting what will amount to a second Civil War!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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