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Media Spins Blame for Attack on the Right

January 10, 2011

Like most people in America and elsewhere in the world, for that matter, I was shocked, horrified, and angry all in that order to learn of the attempted assassination of state Representative Gabrielle Giffords over the weekend.

The shock has warn off a bit and so has the horrific feeling. But the anger, if anything, has increased exponentially.

Of course, the anger is first and foremost directed at the mutant who committed this dastardly act. But, the anger for the left-wingers and Democrats (is there a difference) has grown because of the vile, vicious lies they are telling.

And, of course, these Socialist swine are aided and abetted by a left-wing media who see this tragedy as an opportunity to destroy the tea party movement in particular, and conservatism in general.

This is their golden opportunity to undermine the result of the November election and taint the good Republicans. It shouldn’t work. I hope it doesn’t.

But, remember . . . the American public is not very sophisticated and is easily impressed. Am I being too too distrustful of the “great unwashed?” Maybe. I hope I am being too disrespectful and being wrong in my assessment of the American voter.

I must tell you I am absolutely sickened by all the bloggers who have contributed their ignorance and hatred to a website called The New York Radio Message Board. This site has been founded and is run by a fair individual who loves radio and who has been very supportive of me. His name is Allan Sniffen. He is mainly concerned with the quality of good radio and a public that continues to be devoted to the greatest of all media: radio.

But some of the people who write to the New York Radio Message Board are cruel, moronic and incredibly full of hate for anyone who does not share their ultra left beliefs. The most vitriolic, sad to say, is a fellow I have been very fond of. He was given a gift as a great performer whose ability to mimic celebrities and politicians has no equal. I had him fill in for me many times because I wanted my audience to stay tuned to the show even when I was not there.

This fellow had a right-wing philosophy almost indistinguishable from mine. As a matter of fact, once in a while when John Mainelli was the WABC’s program director and would do a show called “Talk to the Suits,” John would get calls from listeners claiming that this fellow was even more to the right than Bob Grant himself.

That is how this fellow spoke on the air some 15 years or so ago. Columnists would write that this guy was either trying to be me or was just naturally way over to the right. But, that was then.

Whatever happened to this guy only his psychiatrist could try to ascertain. But, I can tell you it almost breaks my heart to hear this person so prostitute himself and demonstrate a fragile psyche that would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

I invite those of you who may never have even heard of the New York Radio Message Board to see for yourself.

And, if any of you who read BobGrantOnline would like to comment, please e-mail me at my website.

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