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Using a Tragedy for Political Gain

January 12, 2011

First of all, my fellow Americans, let me apologize to my good friend, Ken Carter, for not taking care to mention his name as the creator of that Presidential Proclamation he composed for yesterday’s edition. I would not have been aware of the oversight if I didn’t get a complaint from his cousin who properly chastised me.

So, to those of you who have cousins and other mischpucha who look out for you, you are indeed fortunate. Now to today’s installment of the “Right-wing Talk Shows are responsible for most of our misery.”

There might be many of you who are going to think that I am only writing today because “I’m one of them.” Yes, I proudly admit I am a radio talk show host. Going through a file of newspaper and magazine articles written about me, I guess I have to plead guilty to being a right-winger.

I have also been called a conservative, an ultra conservative, a fascist, a Neanderthal, and, of course, a racist. With the exception of the word racist and fascist, I proudly plead guilty to a degree of the other names they have applied to me.

If I were to make a fuss and object to being called a racist, it would be tantamount to a dead man complaining he had been shot! There is no more damage the left-wing can do to me. They have already done it!

Up until 1996, there was no radio broadcaster who had as much notoriety and stature than I. In the profile The New York Times did of me, they referred to me as “the undisputed king of New York talk radio.” I could go on and on and it is easy for me to do so, because to this day I am still bitter and resentful that a handful of jealous, small-minded creeps collaborated either intentionally or accidentally to destroy my career at the height of my success.

I can tell you that fame is fleeting and once you are knocked off that pedestal, you can never get back. Why am I saying this now? Good question. The honest answer is simply that every now and then something stirs the pot which makes me think back to the good old days and what happened to my erstwhile great career.

And what is that something that stirs the pot? It is the Democrat onslaught against so-called right-wing talk radio — trying to blame us for the action of a sociopath in Arizona by the name of Jared Loughner.

It was predictable that everyone from the president to the sheriff of Pima County, who are both a couple of despicable lefties, would try to get political mileage from the murder of six innocent people. And, it is obvious Barack Hussein Obama will try to turn the incident into a turn around in his approval ratings.

If it works, if Barack and Michelle Obama become more popular by standing together acting sad and lachrymose, mourning the Arizona tragedy, then the American people deserve no mercy.

And, all I can say is: if Obama wins a second term we are truly doomed!

Bob Grant

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