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Our Transition to Anarchy

March 31, 2011

I just finished reading a report on the “Fukushima 50.” The report focuses on the 50 Japanese plant workers who have been working night and day at the number No. 2 reactor in Japan there. The village of Fukushima was the most damaged in the wake of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and the most devastating tsunami one could ever imagine. As I feared, as much as the damage the two cataclysmic events caused, they were but a horrific prelude to the biggest danger of all. It is something we have all secretly feared for many years. I am talking about radiation caused by a nuclear accident. I have believed that if there is an end of the human race in our time, that end would be caused by nuclear mortal damage to the species known as Homo sapiens.

Even though I argued in favor of nuclear power because we are not supposed to drill for oil or mine coal anymore — thanks to the madness of the environmentalists and the craven capitulation of the politicians. I thought, well, the public is so brainwashed by the Al Gores and the Barack Obamas, we might have to resort to nuclear fission to power our machines, warm our homes, and light our lamps. However, I have come to the sad conclusion the stakes may be too high. True, nobody died at Three Mile Island, but we did have what they call a meltdown.

There is always the unpredictability of Mother Nature and human failing. But, the state of Pennsylvania alone could solve our dilemma! The Keystone State has enough coal to meet our need for at least 200 years. So, why don&8217;t we use all that high grade coal? Because the environmentalist wackos have too much political power and won’t allow it. Even though the majority of Americans would be for it, the people only count in a true democracy. We are no longer a real democracy. Democracy means the majority rules.

But, as Wisconsin has shown us, the majority doesn’t count any longer. The people of that state voted last November for a governor and a legislature who promised to rein in the public employees and end the crippling deficit of the Badger State. That is what the people wanted and needed. They voted for Scott Walker to be their governor and for a Republican Senate and assembly. But, aided and abetted by union thugs and crooked judges, Wisconsin is not heeding the will of the people and have thrown one monkey wrench after another into the governmental machinery.

Yes, Benjamin Franklin did say, “A Republic, if you can keep it,” when he was asked in Philadelphia what kind of government the Founding Fathers had agreed to. Notice his answer: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” I am afraid, my fellow Americans, we cannot keep it. The Republic is dying, and the people either don’t care or in the case of the Wisconsin brutes, don’t want it. Anarchy. . . here we come!

Bob Grant

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