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GOP Unity Will Defeat Obama

August 11, 2011

I will not pretend it doesn’t flatter me, but anytime a Republican politician is mentioned as a possible presidential candidate, people ask me what my take is. And, the name Rick Perry is no exception. People assume I will be an early supporter of the Texas governor. I won’t mince words and, of course, I never do. Rick Perry would be infinitely better than Barack the Boastful! No matter who the GOP nominee is, he or she gets my vote. But, Rick Perry would not be my first choice. He lost it as soon as he called Tom Tancredo a racist because the former Colorado Congressman denounced the policy of giving so much aid to illegal Mexican invaders to Texas and the United States.

Rick Perry is every bit as guilty as his predecessor in the governor’s chair in Austin was. Rick Perry may have the virtue of cutting into Obama’s hold on the Hispanic vote, but may leave many of us forlorn and disillusioned. There are those who say Rick Perry is not a true conservative. To be perfectly frank, I would probably not be considered a true conservative either. Unlike the three great talk shows who are on the same station here in New York, I think there are some people who would examine all my views on every subject and conclude I am not a conservative. I am not trying to win the approval of whatever person or committee decides who is or isn’t a true conservative.

My voting record would tell you I have only voted for Republicans. That is simply because they are usually supporting policies which I endorse. I may even overlook some character flaws they may have as long as I can be reasonably assured they will vote the right way. But, it is impossible to get the perfect candidate. The only perfect candidate in my lifetime was Ronald Reagan. Please let us not fight amongst ourselves and let us make sure we are truly unified so that we can remove the greatest danger to the Republic . . . Barack the Boastful!

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