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March 25, 2011

Since I no longer subscribe to any publication that has renounced journalism in favor of being a government organ to serve the Obama administration, I did not read Time Magazine until I picked it up at the airport while waiting for my flight to Orlando. There on the cover were the words, “Yes, America Is In Decline!”

Was I surprised? Yes, I was. My surprise was not because of the statement about America being in decline. I have been telling everyone for over three years that the United States is on the way out as the world’s number one nation. Ever since the American people, in a childish display of moronic behavior, voted for an alleged American citizen for the presidency who listened to an America-hater by the name of Jeremiah Wright. . . I knew it was over.

What were they thinking in November of 2008? Here are some of the answers I have discovered. First and foremost, there is the canard about George W. Bush: “Look what he did in Iraq.” What he did was carry out the authorization from Congress to topple Saddam Hussein. Remember all the denunciations of Saddam? Not just Republicans, but many Democrats said Hussein has got to go. They all acknowledged that the butcher of Bagdad was an evil presence on the world stage who would not come out and say, “No, I do not have any weapons of mass destruction.” But, even if he did, there was no one — not John Kerry, not Bill Clinton, not Joe Biden — not any of those sanctimonious Democrats would believe anything he said.

So, when asked why they voted for Obama, they blamed Bush. They loved to talk about Bush and call him the vilest names. Then I would remind them that Obama was not running against Bush, since the Constitution would not permit a president more than two terms and John McCain was the Republican candidate. They would either say, “Oh, he is just as bad,” or “We want change.” When I asked “change from what,” they could not explain it.

I don’t want to waste too much time on the silly answers I got. Rather, what about the unspoken reason they voted for Obama? The unstated reason was and is because they were fascinated with the color of his skin. Let’s tell it like it is. I am not talking about the African-American voter, either. Let’s face it. With the history of the black man in the United States, it is easy to understand how they would vote for a person so unqualified to be president.

I can understand that. Whenever someone would say to me, “You don’t like Obama because he’s black”, I would respond by asking that person this question: “What do you think of Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court justice?” My answer was always, “Oh,him? I don’t like him.” And then, of course, I would say, “Why don’t you like him because he’s black?” At this point, the liberal moron would be so frustrated he or she would explode in anger and blame everything on George W. Bush.

No, it is not going to work this time. I mean in the election of 2012 we should not have a bunch of morons tilting the table the wrong way. The novelty of having our first black president will no longer suffice. Instead of complexion, let us hope that the majority of Americans vote for competence. If they do, no matter who the GOP candidate is, we may be able to turn the corner and save the Republic after all!

Bob Grant

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