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WikiLeaks Is Sabotaging Us

December 9, 2010

WikiLeaks, WikiLeaks, WikiLeaks . . . I am getting tired of seeing this dumb name for a website.

But, it is not just a website. It is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a delusional, America-hating saboteur.

The name of the WikiLeaks founder is Julian Assange. He is an Australian.

For all of my life I have always regarded Australians as allies of the United States. In my trips to “down under,” I have enjoyed their hospitality, and I am very fond of the country.

If I were to leave the United States, I think I would be comfortable in Aussieland.

So, the fact this guy is Australian is not the fault of the nation. It is something deep within the individual.

He is no doubt a genius of sorts. At least he represents an amalgam of brilliance and unbalance. He is smart enough to pick on the United States.

Because of our guilt complex and the ineptness of the Obama regime, he must have figured that leaking American diplomatic cables was safe. If he brought down the country, then he could go down in history as achieving something others have tried and failed.

What no one seems to have noticed, in all the reporting of this bizarre story, is the absence of total outrage on the part of the American people and many American politicians.

Am I missing something here? Of course, we can’t expect Barack, the brave, as he should be regarded, to lead the charge. That is something he can’t do until and unless David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs and all the other managers in the White House, decide what is the politically smart thing to do.

Let’s face it, folks. We are vulnerable to the rest of the world because we are more concerned with what is politically correct than what is strategically wise.

As long as that mind-set prevails, we will remain prey for the many enemies we have in the world and in the nation itself.

Is anybody reading this? Does anybody really care?

Bob Grant

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