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We Are Depending on You the Voter!

November 18, 2010

Those of us who feared an Obama presidency have, unfortunately, been proven correct in our extrapolation of what his being in the Oval Office would bring.

It has brought a worsening economy; it has brought a worsening foreign policy; it has brought a homeland security situation which would be laughable if it were not so tragic.

And, it is clear that Obama’s selection of Eric Holder to be the Attorney General was perhaps his greatest blunder.

I am referring to the civilian trial of an enemy combatant who caused the death of almost 300 people in the embassy bombings.

This vermin’s attempt to seek greater approbation from Osama bin Laden by planning even more tragedies is reason enough to know that the policy advocated by Obama and his attorney general is ludicrous and should stamp both men as unfit to lead the nation.

If we had a parliamentary system instead of our constitutional form of government, this administration would fall and we would be rid of its horrific conduct.

At best we cannot be rid of Barack Obama until January 20, 2013. But, waiting for the next election is not going to solve our immediate problems.

We are going to have to pray for two things at least. Number one is that John Boehner, our new Speaker of the House, and the newly elected Republican-controlled House of Representatives can make some changes quickly.

And secondly, which is more problematic, in the election of 2012 it is doubly important that the Republicans nominate a candidate who can win and who can make the necessary changes with celerity and alacrity.

Do I offer you a slim reed of hope?

It is all we have and the success of what is necessary depends on the American voter.

God Help Us!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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