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Ungrateful Children of Politicians

October 19, 2010

I just read about a person named Meghan McCain.

If the first name doesn’t sound familiar, I’m sure the last name does. That’s right. That McCain!

She is the 26- year-old spoiled brat daughter of United States Senator John McCain! This miserable, hateful creature came to my attention thanks to some of my listeners who heard her on the ABC Sunday Roundtable.

She calls Christine O'Donnell a “nut job.” She says the tea party people are losing members in droves, and she has nasty things to say about former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney.

If that is not enough, she says she cried when she heard her father had selected Sarah Palin as is vice presidential running mate.

Now those are just a few of the incredible statements to come out of her volcanic mouth.

I have a question for you. What do the aforementioned people have in common?

Palin, Romney and O’Donnell? That’s right! They are all Republicans.

I did some checking and I can’t find one Democrat she has nasty things to say about. Why is that?

As a matter of fact, why is it that only the progeny of Republicans castigate their own?

The most egregious example of a Republican offspring turning on his father’s own party are the Reagan children. Do you remember that prissy ingrate by the name of Ron Reagan?

Do you remember his ingrate exhibitionist sister, Patti, who even changed her last name to Davis, her mother’s maiden name?

Both of Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s children were spiteful, hateful and disgraced themselves at the funeral of their great father.

I do not have the time or the patience to research other examples, but that would be too tortuous a task for me to embark upon.

I would like to know why this seems to happen only to the children of Republicans? I am sure I could weave a theory that would suffice to answer the question to some extent.

As for John McCain himself, I never really considered him a true Republican. He always seemed more at ease kissing the asses of Democrats than working within his own party.

I remember spending an afternoon with Senator McCain and several other GOP senators in Senator Al D’Amato’s office in Washington several years ago.

Mr. McCain seemed affable enough but was different from the other guys in a way I couldn’t put my finger on.

And after I thought about it, while riding the Metroliner back to New York, it hit me. He didn’t feel like he was one of us, because in those days those of us in the New York senator’s office were all conservatives, and John McCain was not comfortable with us!

Whatever the inescapable fact is that many Republicans still seem to have an inferiority complex.

In my book, which I am writing for a major publishing company, I have been inspired to research the most important person in my life . . . myself!

When I first joined an organization that saved my life back in July of 1969, I was told by one of the inspiring men I met, “Bob, you’re going to meet a lot of people in this fellowship, but the most important person you will meet is yourself . . . if you work at it.”

At the time, I didn’t quite know what to make of what he said, but as time went on, I realized in life so few of us have met ourselves. We don’t know who or what we are.

For me that has been a lifetime journey. It will never end. The only thing that ends is life itself.

But, if I had known myself then as much as I know myself now, maybe I wouldn’t have made the tragic mistakes I have made.

How did I get on to this subject? Yes, I remember. I was talking about the inferiority complex that so many Republicans seem to have.

I can talk this way because I am one of the few people on the air or anywhere for that matter who shouts out, “I am a Republican and proud of it.”

And, that is why I have a right to say these things and more in these columns, on the air, and in my forthcoming book!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


That slams the lid onthings for today

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