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Don’t Underestimate Them!

October 14, 2010

If there is anybody who doesn’t think politics is a contact sport, then that person is living in a fool’s paradise.

One of the reasons I grew up Republican is that it seemed to me the truly vicious political campaigns were waged by Democrats.

This is not to say that all Democrats are devils and all Republicans are angels. It is obvious to me that by and large, in every political battle on the landscape currently being fought, the Dems are the most deceitful and harsh.

For example, the governor’s race in California between Jerry Brown, the Democrat, and Meg Whitman, the Republican. The insertion into the campaign of a domestic employee working for Whitman is the epitome of the political dirty trick.

The domestic worker was being paid $23 an hour and had a soft touch of a job. She also was an illegal alien that had lied abut her background and had an illegal Social Security card that did not belong to her.

She was not entitled to it and somehow, when it was revealed she was a phony, Meg Whitman had to discharge her.

Prior to this revelation, apparently the only one who knew she had forged documents was the woman herself, and somehow Jerry Brown’s good friend Gloria Allred, whom I have exposed in the past as a person who was totally duplicitous in her dealing with me.

This bombshell was dropped when the time seemed most propitious to do damage to the Whitman campaign. But, whether the California voters will be taken in by this or not remains to be seen.

I recall the case, many years ago, of a young man running for the State Assembly of a large eastern state. This young man was an outsider and the political machine he was running against did not like him because they could see he had potential to become a political force on their turf.

This young gentleman was leading in the polls and even gaining as the election drew closer.

One morning, the radio newscasts and local newspapers carried the shocking disclosure of a 12-year-old girl making the claim that this fine, handsome candidate, who was running for a state Senate seat, had dropped his pants in front of this child and began to masturbate!

The candidate denied the accusation, and found it hard to find anybody who believed his denials.

The election went on as scheduled and this poor fellow lost in a landslide.

When the case charging this fellow with a sex crime was to be heard in court, lo and behold, the girl said she had made a mistake and she could not even pick this man out of a police lineup!

The man was obviously framed, his reputation was tarnished, and in many areas he was scorned.

When asked about his future plans, he told the reporters that first of all he would never run for public office again.

And, secondly, he would move out of the state as soon as the school year was over so that his two children wouldn’t have to leave school in the middle of the semester.

He also started an organization in the state in which he now lives to provide immediate aid to anyone falsely accused.

So, if anybody is thinking about running for public office anywhere, just make sure you can account for every moment of each day until Election Day!

Bob Grant

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