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Banning Thanksgiving

October 27, 2010

I just received a phone call from a friend who was extremely irate.

He was furious because he just was told by his ten-year-old son that his teacher said, “We should not celebrate Christopher Columbus Day because Columbus was a murderer!

“He was responsible for the deaths of thousands and thousands of American natives they mistakenly called Indians.”

The reason this phone call made such an impression is that only 10 days ago on my website,, I wrote that the left-wing elites were determined to wipe out every U.S. holiday except for Halloween.

They have done a pretty good job in the beginning of the end of Christmas, Easter, Flag Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and, let us not forget, Thanksgiving.

Yes, Thanksgiving! After all the elites are teaching that the Pilgrims were just as guilty of destroying the Indian culture as was Christopher Columbus.

Also, there is another justifiable reason for getting rid of Thanksgiving. Can you think of what that reason is?

I know you are going to be shocked, but here it is. According to the good folks who landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620, we should give thanks to 8212; dare I say it 8212; GOD! Yes, God.

When Abraham Lincoln made it an official American holiday, he too invoked the Lord’s blessing.

So, there you have two legitimate reasons for getting rid of Thanksgiving as an official American holiday.

First of all, the murderers of Indians created the holiday because they wanted to give thanks. And secondly, they give thanks to that old fashioned, anachronistic creature called God!

I have given thought to the holidays that appear on the calendar for each year and the only official holiday that is safe is January 15. That is the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.

Halloween is not an official holiday as Martin Luther King Day, but we have to have something for the children since we got rid of Jesus in the manger and since Easter has no reference to the resurrection, but instead advertizes the bunny and the Easter egg.

In another words, we must not only stamp out patriotism, but Christianity as well.

And, who knows? Maybe future generations will be so busy observing all those Muslim holidays that the old traditional Christian holidays won’t be missed.

So, without wasting any more of your time . . . there it is. America will be rid of the superstitions brought to us in the name of old-time religion.

And, we will be rid of those nuisance holidays where we have to pay tribute to mass murderers like Christopher Columbus.

I guarantee you, at the rate we are going and with the America-haters teaching our youngsters, we, who have celebrated our cherished traditions, will be party to what is known as ancient history!

Bob Grant

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