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Losing It All Over a Woman

May 25, 2010

Well, here we go again. It doesn’t seem to matter what political party a politician belongs to, he can’t control his libido.

Just recently, just mere weeks after winning the Republican primary, Congressman Mark Souder of Indiana announced he was resigning his office.

He was popular in his district. He had all the attributes. He was good looking, knew how to give a speech, and was in the mainstream of the folks in his congressional district.

Souder seemed like a shoo-in for re-election this November. But he dropped out due to the exposure of his having a sexual romp with a chickie-poo staffer after serving as a Congressman for 15 years.

And so, a Republican seat that should have been a lock, is now in doubt since the GOP won’t be able to nominate a candidate to replace hot pants in time before the deadline.

Now, make no mistake I am not preaching to any of these guys, John Edwards included. I really don’t care how many trysts they may have. I don’t care how many attractive women flirt with them.

However, I do care about the clash between what we expect from our political leaders and what they actually are — hypocrites.

I think we in America are going to have to decide whether it’s OK for hedonism to be accepted or whether we should make an attempt to maintain some public sense of propriety and decorum.

If a man runs for public office he must be prepared to live a prudent life and not treat his role as a member of the political establishment as a license to be as licentious as he pleases.

Or, we the people are going to have to accept the fact that morality is dead, totally dead in America!

Bob Grant

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