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Mr. Soros: Get Lost!

November 17, 2010

George Soros, the archenemy of the United States of America has come out and said it!

He has said what conservatives like me have been saying for some time now . . . the Chinese government functions better than the government of the United States of America!

What does it mean to function?

Does your automobile run? Does your automobile serve you each and every day? Does it function in winter and summer and spring and fall?

That is what function means . . . to work, to serve and to function. The government of China has no impediments like political opponents or pressure groups or a judiciary that has an agenda of its own.

Sure, the government in Beijing is more efficient.

When the Chinese government wanted to build a mammoth dam on the Yangtze River, all it had to do was get the surveyors and the engineers and the laborers and the machinery to the site and proceed to build the Three Gorges Dam.

I saw the Yangtze in l992 when there was no dam and I have seen it after 1997 following the construction of the world’s largest hydroelectric dam.

Yes, it works. China works because there are no self interest groups who have a clear channel to a judge who will order the work to be stopped — some putrid two-bit fossil who wants to show how powerful he is.

And, presto chango all work ceases and nothing is built for years!

Anybody ever hear of the hole in the ground where once stood those two magnificent Twin Towers which made up the World Trade Center?

Only recently, after all the court orders and filing of papers and suits and countersuits, has any progress been made in rebuilding the once magnificent edifices.

Yes, it is finally happening. If we had a dictatorship instead of a messy democracy, we would have probably completed the task.

There are so many areas where, if we could turn ourselves into a government similar or just like the government in China, things would be more efficient and we wouldn’t have to wait for the next election or the next swearing in, or the next Senate approval or the next clearance from a judge to move forward.

Sure, Mr. Soros, China is more efficient and maybe there are millions of Americans who really don’t appreciate freedom.

Maybe there were many Germans who welcomed a leader back in 1934 who promised tranquility in the streets and a reichsmark which would buy a loaf of bread.

But, are we so starved for efficiency that we will pay any price?

Is the loss of freedom worth a smooth running autocracy?

Only we Americans can answer that question. And I am not so sure everyone is willing to make a decision that we can happily live with.

Mr. Soros: get lost!

Bob Grant

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