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Stopping Socialist Advances

October 18, 2010

So much of what we talk about in the business of talk radio is what people are reading in their newspapers and magazines, or listening to on radio and television.

Yes, what we do for a living is to get paid for what we would do anyway.

Let’s face it . . . we are all gossips at heart. We love to talk about people on the front page or people in the editorials.

And, we love to speculate on what is going to happen next.

Around election time is when the talk radio business goes from simmer to boil to overheating. I can think of no election like the one we will have on November 2.

I say that all the time, because in my many years following elections, I find they are never the same. Each election has its unique characteristics.

This is what is called a mid-term election. That means it is two years since the last presidential election and two years before the next one.

So what is all the fuss about?

The fuss is that the American people let their idealism and their fairytale outlook on real life and hard-nosed politics fool them.

Did people really expect, because Barack Obama was so different from all previous candidates, that somehow things would be better? Could be.

I was not so disposed, however. I had no such delusions.

My frame of mind was one of deep foreboding, and, yes, even alarm. Sorry to say my prescience has been borne out.

This president has set about to demolish all the vestiges of what made this Republic so great and the envy of the world.

The greatness I speak of is the result of a free people enjoying the benefits of capitalism.

But, since Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist at heart and in his soul, and he has set about to destroy what we have so that he can build the socialist government he alluded to many times during the campaign of 2008.

You haven’t forgotten the many times he said, “We are going to change America as it has never been changed before.”

He knows that before a builder can build a new edifice, he must destroy and remove the old one. That is the first step.

That is the step that brought about the catastrophic healthcare bill. That is the legislation that Nancy Pelosi said, “We will know what’s in it after we pass it.”

Can you imagine admitting they actually vote for piece of legislation costing trillions of dollars without knowing what is says?

This is the arrogance we are dealing with. This is the hubris Mr. Obama and his revolutionaries possess.

This is just one of the many reasons why November 2 is so important to Americans.

If we can elect a Republican Congress, even if it is just a Republican House, then we will be in a position to checkmate the socialist advances of the enemy of capitalism, and, for that matter, this enemy of freedom.

Bob Grant

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