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Obama’s Shortcomings

December 28, 2010

Never fear out there in average America! Do not for one moment think the “me” dial can’t create a hornets’ nest even if there are no hornets to be found.

Since the mainstream media, which is a shorter way of saying, “all those left-wing suck ups to Barack Obama,” are so fixated on this fake, phony, fraud of a 44th president, they can’t let anything go to waste.

I am referring to the liberal media not doing what they are to do, which is reporting all the news about the president.

This president gets a break like no other president, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Why that is so would take an in-depth analysis which I am too tired to go into at this time.

What has aroused me so, in addition to the fact I am a hothead, is this inane flap about a football player!

Now, this is no ordinary football player. First of all, he is a quarterback. But, he is not your modern day quarterback who is capable only of calling the signals and throwing passes.

If the modern day quarterback is caught behind the line of scrimmage, or if he has to run out of the pocket as they say, he is likely to be injured while being tackled. They break their shoulder, sprain their ankle. They are very fragile.

With the exception of the brute who quarterbacks the Pittsburgh Steelers and one other quarterback playing today, the field generals of today are delicate and fragile.

Who is that other quarterback I refer to? He is the convicted animal torturer and sadistic dog killer, Michael Vick.

Vick was the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons until he was convicted of being heavily involved in another so-called sport - dog fighting.

The evidence of his sadism and hatred for dogs was so repellant, even members of the jury were sickened.

Michael Vick was convicted and two things happened. Number one, he was sent to prison. Secondly, he was no longer the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons.

There were those people who said Vick will never play professional football again. However, after about two and a half years, Michael was paroled and the Philadelphia Eagles were hurting for a healthy quarterback, since the once great Donovan McNabb was quickly losing his once impressive skills and becoming as injury prone as all quarterbacks eventually are.

So, the Eagles shipped McNabb to the Washington Redskins after they had signed Vick as their back up to McNabb. Once Vick took over the job, the Eagles returned to their winning ways big time.

Because Vick was not one of those delicate quarterbacks, whenever an opposing defense thought they had him, he proved to be as tough and as fast as the best halfback in the league.

I had better stop this overview of the National Football League before I find myself assigned to the sports desk. My point here is the desire to expose a person far more important than Michael Vick.

As a matter of fact, since Mr. Vick has not been entrusted with the welfare of the nation, I am not concerned about what football player is voted MPV (most valuable player). My concern is why has President Obama gone out of this way to laud Michael Vick, and repeat the shallow mantra, “Everybody deserves a second chance.”

It is only because he wants a second chance now that most everyone agrees his first two years were a gigantic failure.

How did I figure all this out? It is simple. Barack Obama is a narcissist, everything and everybody is all about HIM!

Sorry Charles Krauthammer, I beat you to it. I only wish more Americans never forget the grievous shortcomings this pompous, arrogant occupier of the White House has!

Happy New Year!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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