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’Tis the Season

December 21, 2010

This has always been a somewhat strange time of year for me — at least ever since I left my childhood behind and began foraging out in the wilds of the world.

I am sitting here not sure where I am or what the purpose of any of this serves. So, let me take a deep breath and try to focus on what specifically is bothering me.

What is bothering me is the legacy our Founding Fathers left us with. We have 50 states and each state is entitled to two senators and a certain amount of Congressmen, depending on that state’s population.

California, with its huge population gets 53 members in the House of Representatives. South Dakota, on the other hand, is entitled to just one representative who serves at large.

Without boring you with statistics and numbers, let us just say that sometimes a politician will vote in such a way that we all know he is only voting a certain way because he is coming up for re-election. He knows his vote will determine whether he is voted out or voted back in.

I am thinking specifically of Senator Scott Brown, who astounded the nation in January of 2010 when he beat an entrenched Democrat office holder in the state of Massachusetts.

Scott Brown is a Republican. He didn’t have much money and had to campaign almost single handedly from a beat up pickup truck.

What probably won for this Republican in overwhelmingly liberal Democrat Massachusetts, was a statement made by the arrogant Democrat running against Brown that she felt, “Teddy Kennedy’s seat should go to her.”

At least that was the message in so many words. Other Democrats talked incessantly about Teddy’s seat as if he still owned it. Scott Brown demolished that stupid concept by stating simply that it was the people’s seat.

With that statement, I believe he won the election and it seemed that most folks were pleased and proud. But, that was two years ago. It was OK for an upset by an underdog then, but this is Massachusetts and reality has set in.

If Senator John Kerry can get away with cheating the people out of taxes which should be paid for his yacht license in the Bay State instead of neighboring Rhode Island, then all one has to be in order to stay in office is to be a registered Democrat.

Since Scott Brown is a registered Republican, he has to vote as if he were a Democrat, which is a forced act that anyone can see through.

So, you might say, “Well, if Senator Brown doesn’t believe he should support the START Treaty (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), then he should vote against it. He would strike a blow for honesty, but the GOP would lose a member of the Senate.”

I know it is cynical and hypocritical, but certainly nowhere near as cynical and hypocritical as Barack Obama claiming that he understands the need to extend the Bush Tax Cuts.

Unfortunately, Charles Krauthammer has anointed Barack with a second term, and that seems to make it official.

But, I must disagree with the great Charles Krauthammer. I do believe Barack Obama, our 44th president and first sultan will be a one-term chief executive.

In the meantime, what can we do with a fake, phony fraud like Lisa Murkowski? I have a few ideas of what I’d like to see done to her, but we will save that for another day.

Did anyone say, “’Tis the season to be jolly?”

Bob Grant

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