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Michael Savage’s UK Problem

July 19, 2010

During my radio program on WABC this past Sunday, while I was taking phone calls from the listeners on any and all subjects, I got a call from a man who wanted to know why we talk show hosts weren’t banding together to get the British to drop its policy of barring Michael Savage from entering the United Kingdom.

Now, first of all, the British are not waiting for me or Rush or Mark Levin or anybody else to badger them to allow someone they consider undesirable enter their country.

Let me be very clear. Where Michael Savage’s political views are concerned, I couldn’t agree with him more. I think he has been brilliant and patriotic and is obviously not easily intimidated. I have no quarrel with his views whatsoever.

His standing up for Christianity, even though he himself is Jewish, is admirable. But when this man, who called me on the program, kept insisting I should do something about the situation, I blew my stack and then went on to some of the issues of the day.

However, some people started salivating because they love it when people on the air may have a joust. So, other people started calling and were demanding to know what did I have against Michael Savage.

I did not intend to turn the program into a gossip column on the air, so I suggested, since the subject seemed so important and people were dying to know, why I wasn’t helping Mr. Savage and why I didn’t like Mr. Savage. I also told the audience to read this web site and they might get some answers.

Here it is. First of all, I resent people being so stupid they think that I would have the power to do anything about his problem of getting into the United Kingdom.

Secondly, I do not believe he gives a hoot about going there, but loves the publicity he gets.

As a matter of fact, since he is perhaps the most egotistical narcissist out of the ten million radio talk show hosts, I know he loves publicity.

Secondly I will tell you a true story which I wouldn’t except for the fact you all seem so curious. Early in 2009, I received a phone call from an executive with Talk Radio Network (TRN), the company that syndicates his radio show, The Savage Nation.

The gentleman apologized for calling on such short notice, but asked if I could fill in for Michael in just a few hours. I was more than happy to do so, and we proceeded to do the show.

In case you don’t know, it is a three-hour program. After being on the air for an hour and a half, the producer, whose name by the way is Beowulf and who is a very professional and nice guy, told me through my ear phones that after completing the second hour, Michael would be taking over for the third hour.

You see, I was supposed to do all three hours. Michael said he had to take over because so many people were calling and wanted to know where he was, so he couldn’t stay away for the entire three hours.

Now, since Michael was supposed to be home, how could all you listeners get him there? Do you all have his home phone number?

Since it is his show, he can do whatever he wants, but treating me the way he did is inexcusable and when I asked this executive what was the matter with Michael, the answer was, “He’s nuts!”

Well, I don’t think Mr. Savage is nuts, I think he is insecure and didn’t like the fact that so many callers seemed so pleased with my filling in.

I am only writing this because I think you might find it interesting. It is too bad that a person as brilliant and gifted as Michael Savage should be so petty and insecure, but then again he is one of the giants in the talk radio firmament.

When someone asks me, “Bob, who do you listen to at six p.m.?” I tell them, “I listen to Mark Levin who is a true intellect and a great showman and, above all, a gentleman.”

Now, aren’t you folks sorry you asked me that question last Sunday?

Bob Grant

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