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Recapturing the White House

January 25, 2010

I firmly believe if we on the right or conservative side of the political firmament could and would put aside some differences we have, we could, first of all, take back the House of Representatives this fall and perhaps recapture the Senate and ultimately the White House in 2012!

I know the only thing standing in our way is our proclivity for fighting amongst ourselves. Did you notice when I began this editorial I did not use the word Republican?

Why is that you say? Because over the years, Democrats with the massive propaganda aid they get from the mainstream media and the ultra-left Hollywood film industry, as well as virtually the whole panoply of show business, has made those of us who are Republicans almost ashamed of the word.

That, of course, does not apply to me. I have always been a proud Republican. I always loved Ronald Reagan. He invoked the 11th commandment, you may recall. It was, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any Republican.”

Ronald Reagan practiced what he preached. He knew there were some eastern Republicans who opposed him. I knew very well how a number of them felt about the great Ronnie.

I recall when the former California governor was trying to win the Republican nomination in 1979. He was campaigning here in New York and he needed the backing of the five borough presidents of New York City. State Senator and Bronx Republican county chairman was hosting a dinner for Mr. Reagan. And since John was aware of my association with the man, he asked if I would be master of ceremonies.

I enthusiastically said yes, and George Clark, who had worked for Reagan in trying to get the 1976 nomination was more than pleased that I would get the honor of introducing the man who would endorse the man who was to become our 40th president.

When Mr. Reagan began speaking in the down-to-earth friendly manner of his, I could see the faces in the audience soften and break into smiles. They knew that the man on the stage behind the speaker’s stand was the real deal. He wasn’t a fake, phony, a fraud as so many politicians are. He was sincere.

Reagan said what he believed and certainly believed what he said. He told the crowd there certainly were differences in our party, but our party was made up of independent-minded people; people who wanted to think for themselves; who wanted to earn their own way in life.

That is our strength and that is also our weakess. I say weakness because the spirit and character of most Republicans is to speak out and not fall into lockstep, but that must not keep us from keeping our eye on the prize . . . victory at the polls.

Let’s never be ashamed of the name Republican! The Republican Party was born because it was the only vehicle which could bring about the end of slavery in America. It was the only party of Abraham Lincoln.

>p>So let’s stop this obsession with defining ourselves with labels of libertarian Republican, Conservative Republican, choice Republican . . . let&8217;s be proud to be simply Republican and not expect us all to agree on every issue.

If we stop this nonsense of playing into the hands of our Democrat opponents, we will carry the day and give Americans of all races the freedom we should be seeking this fall . . . freedom from socialism and that means freedom from Obama and his Democrat henchmen!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


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