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June 1, 2010

What I am going to say in today’s report to you is something I do not relish.

I am not pleased that I can say what I am going to share with you today. However, it is obvious that when I decided some 20 years or so ago that I would try to report to you truthfully and fearlessly what I observe on the American landscape, I made a fateful decision which has caused me financial, professional, and emotional hardships.

I have not really been forthcoming with you, the reader, and you, the listener, to the Bob Grant radio shows. In observing the American scene, I have noticed that black Americans do not feel inhibited in whatever they say.

Regardless of their position on any issue, if they feel a problem has been caused by “white America,” they do not hesitate to say so.

As a matter of fact, on some particular issues they may be correct and perfectly justified in saying so. My point here is not to view the dichotomy from any standpoint except to note that there is no hesitance on the part of an African-American to speak bluntly and even provocatively if that is the way he feels about a particular issue.

But, in all candor, I must point out that with most black spokesmen any problem usually boils down to race and racism.

There is no preamble to apologize for what that person is going to say. He is not encumbered by the need to explain himself first, and to assure the listener that he is not a racist.

How many times I have had a white caller to the radio show who had a valid point and did not sound angry or hostile begin his statement with the words, “Bob, I’m no racist, but . . . ”

We talk about the mythical “level playing field.” How can there be a level playing field when one side is crippled by guilt and the other side is totally and spiritually free to say what he wants and how he wants to say it?

Is it too much to expect the millions of European Americans living in America to stop carrying around the burden of guilt for slavery when none of them were even born when that ugly institution known as slavery existed?

And, when it did exist, many of the guilty were themselves African tribes who sold their fellow Africans to the white traders who paid a handsome price to the blacks who sold their brethren.

I was reminded of all this when I read about the standoff between the Secret Service detail protecting President Obama and the Fruit of Islam (FOI) thugs who protect Louis Farrakan who is the leader of the Black Muslim cult known as the Nation of Islam.

Isn’t it fascinating that we have a nation right here in our nation of America, but it is known as the Nation of Islam?

I suspect that if it weren’t for the skin color of Minister Farrakan, he would have been treated with far less caution and would have been held to account for the incendiary speeches he has made.

While we are at it, do you think all the lies that the president has told would have been dismissed to the extent they have if he were all white?

I leave it all to you. What do you think?

On another matter, to those of you who wrote all those e-mails to, I want to tell you I appreciate your concerns and I have decided I will vote for Justin Murphy in the 3rd Congressional District in New Jersey this coming June 8.

And to any of you who want to respond to, you can e-mail the website or you can contact me on FACEBOOK!

Bob Grant

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