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October 21, 2010

I can think of no better way of expressing my opinion in response to what is happening in this country than to quote myself.

What you will read is a quotation from a longtime Bob Grant radio listener. He never forgot my warning, and, sad to say this warning, like so many others, is coming true.

As we get closer to November 2, the date of the mid-term election, it becomes painfully apparent that the Obama juggernaut that began the destruction of America, as we have known it in the election of 2008, is in full campaign mode.

And, because he is half black, he can use naked racial tactics with impunity.

Those of you, who had hoped for a Republican takeover for the U.S. House of Representatives and possibly the Senate as well, will be disappointed.

You will be disappointed because, in addition to slimeball campaign rhetoric, the Democrats have better training and more experience in how to steal votes and get away with it.

If you doubt it, think about how that lowlife socialist, Al Franken, got into the Senate. The people of Minnesota have a long history of socialist upbringing, so there was virtually no protest as to what is obviously a stolen Senate seat.

We cannot lay all the blame at the feet of our first sultan.

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” Pogo said that in the 1974 cartoon and I have repeated it often, because, sad to say, it is true.

We are witnessing bringing down the curtain on the America we have known and loved.

Also, sad to say, only a few of us seem to know it.

Now here is Sal’s letter to me.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

Dear Bob,

Earlier this week, Thomas Sowell praised Angela Merkel for having the courage to say that multiculturalism has “failed, utterly failed.”

She went on to say, “We kidded ourselves a while,” that the foreign workers could live side by side and “enjoy each other.”

It made me recall what a wise man on the radio said many years ago, that America is losing the glue that has held a disparate, polyglot group of people together and that was the English language.

You’re right, Bob, we have become a Tower of Babel. We live vicariously through our sports teams. Where did I first hear that?

No politician on either side of the aisle wants to address this issue. Certainly, our economic ills and terrorist threats preoccupy us these days, but America has lost its sense of nationhood.

I’m 49-years -old and my childhood recollections of family dinners and celebrating Christmas no longer seem to be.

Sad to say but we are losing this battle. I feel that our children and grandchildren will grow up in an America antithetical to what our Founding Fathers gave us.

Always listen on Sundays and read your e-mails.

May God bless you - always. Keep well.

Sal Zuccaro


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