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Pundits All Sound Alike

November 9, 2010

There are many members of the media who keep talking obsessively about President Obama and what he is going to do in the aftermath of the huge Republican victory in the House of Representatives.

I, as you might well imagine, watch as many news shows on television and read as many editorials as I can take.

Some days my appetite for news and opinion is insatiable. There are other times I cannot stand to look at another pundit give his reason why Obama will move to the center.

There are other know-it-alls who say he will not move to the center because he is too steeped in socialist beliefs.

Have you noticed the constant and relentless obsession the media has with what Obama will be doing and saying between now and the 2012 election?

The real sagacious of the loquacious bunch are enjoying pointing out how Bill Clinton salvaged his presidency by moving to the center after the GOP took over the Congress in 1994. And, remember when they did that in 1994, they also took over the United States Senate.

Nevertheless, I am sick and tired of every pundit, with few exceptions, reading from the same script.

Actually, pundits ought to be licensed like doctors or lawyers, or plumbers. It would be healthy for the political IQ of the American people.

And there was a time when those individuals who were asked to comment on the day’s news were, even if I did not always agree with them, knowledgeable and articulate.

Think of Edward R. Murrow, for example. Sure he was a liberal, but he was intelligent, educated and articulate.

Today, if you look at Fox, whether it’s the Bill O’Reilly program or Fox and Friends, or any of the other programs, you will find the eponymous radio talk show host.

And, because they do a radio talk show this is supposed to mean they are authoritative and well versed on every subject in today’s news.

As the one who is either credited or blamed for starting this format, I must tell you I resent it!

So many unqualified idiots are getting paid huge amounts and yet they wouldn’t even be hired to sweep out the studio years ago.

If it were up to me, only people with the wisdom and knowledge of Charles Krauthammer would be allowed to render opinions or analysis of the days events.

Will that ever happen? Of course not!

But I can dream, can’t I?

Bob Grant

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