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Obama Tops All Presidents for Socialist Zeal

February 5, 2010

We Americans must be aware that the Obama administration is utterly amoral and duplicitous. They will contrive any scenario to suit a voracious appetite for public approval.

Notice I am talking about the Obama administration as if it is an entity in and of itself. But really, I am talking about the most strange, charismatic, and narcissistic man himself. He is president because a series of events and happenings deigned it to be so.

Perhaps we could examine each president; perhaps even our beloved father of the Republic, George Washington, could be included. What I want to make clear is history, unvarnished and retold exactly as it happened, will show us that all presidents were chosen by history to be the chief executive at any given time.

I am talking about Abraham Lincoln, of course, but also about ciphers like Millard Fillmore and Zachary Taylor. With the exception of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, they all seemed to be content with filling the role and leaving the nation pretty much as they found it.

You could argue that I am being too simplistic. You could say I am missing the drama and the paradox that most presidents lived through. Yes, that is true, but none has brought to the office the revolutionary, socialist zeal that Barack Obama has brought to the Oval Office.

It was pointed out by socialists like Frances Fox Piven and communists like Saul Alinsky that in order to build a socialist government they believe with all their fanatic lunacy we need, we must first destroy what we have, what currently exists.

There is an ancient saying that goes like this, “You cannot construct a new building until you first tear down the old one.” That is why President Obama is doing everything he can to tear down what we have had and continue to have.

When the collapse of our economic system is complete and the American people, in their pathetic naiveté ask for some relief from the anguish and pain of economic ruination, Barack and his gang will “save” us with the creation of a modern socialist system replete with the iron hand so necessary to maintain their power and see to it that no further free elections are necessary.

Does all this sound like an ugly exaggeration of what is going on? I hope you will be correct in saying one day, “Hey, Grant, you were wrong. They weren’t the socialist, tyrannical thugs you said they were.”

Yes, I would love to be proven wrong. And only the near future will tell whether I am a Jeremiah or a prescient commentator.

I honestly hope I’m wrong, but . . .

Bob Grant

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