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Media’s Destructive Power

November 16, 2010

Barack Obama has returned from another failed attempt at retrieving his luster and popularity. He regained neither as it is almost universally believed he was a total failure on his mission to Asia.

He failed most notably in Seoul, Korea. By trying to change the rules of the game, he turned a friendly and loyal ally into a disappointed and somewhat annoyed important country.

It was my belief when I heard the dreadful news on that awful day in November of 2008 that Obama had won the presidency, that we were in for bad times for several reasons — not the least of which is that he was not and still is not fit to be president of the United States of America.

Of course, anyone saying that was called a racist.

In my case, it was doubly so because during my years in broadcasting I had said many controversial things and had foolishly allowed myself to be interviewed by New York Magazine.

I didn’t realize the magazine had decided they wanted to “get” me.

In my naiveté, I agreed to be interviewed by a liberal hit man by the name of Phil Gourevitch. The way he phrased the questions and his demeanor kept me off guard. I must admit I was feeling comfortable and I did trust him.

Therefore, when the magazine finally came out with my face on the cover I was flabbergasted. Below my picture it said, “Bob Grant, King of New York talk radio, why he hates blacks.”

The writer never asked me if I hated blacks, he never asked me if I liked blacks. The question concerning whether I hated or liked any racial group never came up.

Yet, there it was, case closed. Grant hates blacks; he calls them savages, etc.

First of all, the word savage really has nothing to do with skin color or appearance. It has to do with behavior.

It was during the riots in Los Angeles when the Rodney King case exploded that people who supported Rodney King were behaving like savages.

Does anyone remember them taking a white truck driver out of the truck he was driving through south central Los Angeles and bashing him in the head with a piece of concrete?

Does anybody remember the stores owned by Korean merchants having their windows smashed and merchandise looted?

Yes, I did refer to those people as savages. Is that the same as saying all blacks are savages? Then we are all guilty!

The point of this commentary is that if the media wants to destroy someone, they can. And, how can they get away with a professional lynching of someone’s career as they did with me?

I will tell you how they get away with it by quoting the late Dr. Martin Luther King. He said, “It is not the actions of my enemies that pains me, but the silence of my friends.”

And that is why I am not on a syndicated show, and that is why Roger Ailes of Fox News never hired me.

Years prior to the incident concerning the verbal lynching committed by New York Magazine, Roger wanted to do something with me.

He may have forgotten. I am happy for his success. Lord knows we need Fox News and it is his genius that has made it what it is today.

However, I wish he had given me a chance back then when he wanted to but chickened out. But, if that is what fate ordained, so be it.

All in all, it hasn’t been too bad of a ride.

Bob Grant

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