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September 24, 2010

I have been discussing the candidate running for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District of New Jersey. The reason I have a keen interest in this particular race is this the district where I live.

It is also the district, which, for many years, was represented by Jim Saxton. Jim is a decent, honorable man who served for many terms because he was re-elected easily ever two years. However, ill health forced Jim to retire at the end of his last term in 2008.

This left the seat open and Republicans did what Republicans do so well — they had a vicious primary and the winner was so badly wounded the Democrat had an easy time winning the seat.

This Democrat voted with Nancy Pelosi 90 percent of the time. But, that doesn’t stop this sleazeball from sending out literature telling people how independent he is.

To read his campaign literature you might think he is a Republican. But no, he is a liberal Democrat and insists he is independent of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. He may very well get away with this lie. He may very well fool the voters of the 3rd district, and he may very well win.

If he does win, the Republicans have only themselves to blame. For some reason, they put forth an ex football player for the Philadelphia Eagles, Jon Runyan.

Now this fellow is the biggest political candidate I have ever seen. He is good looking and . . . and . . . well that’s about it.

He should have been vetted. Maybe he was but the party bosses didn’t care that this guy may wear a big suit, but it’s an empty suit.

I was asked out to a GOP rally to make a speech in his behalf. I said what I believe, and that is that the Republicans must take back control of the Congress, and that is why every district is important.

I also reminded the crowd that if the Democrat who currently occupies the seat were truly independent, he would resign from the Democrat Party. And if he doesn’t want to switch to the Republican Party, then be an Independent.

But, he doesn’t do that. It only proves he is a phony.

As far as the football player, he has been exposed as being stupid. However, I would rather have the stupid Republican than the sleazy, phony Democrat. That is the choice I have to make for one reason only: to see to it that Pelosi loses the speaker’s gavel.

It is more important than ever before that we must take back the Congress.

That is keeping your eye on the ball!

Any of you who read this blog, please pass along this message. On November 2, we must fire Pelosi and Reid, and then the way is open to fire the Muslim in the White House.

He may not claim to be a Muslim, and maybe he doesn’t realize that a big part of him is . . . his heart!

Someone has got to say these things!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


That slams the lid onthings for today

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