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DOJ Fails to Prosecute New Black Panthers

July 7, 2010

Here is an update on the story the media doesn’t want to cover concerning a criminal act violating voter’s rights the Obama Department of Justice doesn’t want to prosecute.

You would think that I, of all people, would not want to pursue any story dealing with race. I should have learned from my epigones that it is best to ignore race stories — especially if one has to render an opinion.

And after all, since I never claimed I am working as a journalist, but have been hired by my radio station to render opinions and discuss them with my listeners, or in this case, my readers, so I do not feel I am crossing the line.

It just so happens that several of the New Black Panther Party thugs intimidated citizens and violated their rights as they attempted to vote in the presidential election on Nov. 4, 2008.

This occurred in the pristine city of Philadelphia, which is no stranger to graft, voter fraud, and other outrages against the Constitution and humanity.

But since the offenders are African-Americans, there is no enthusiasm to investigate any further. In case there is a speck of doubt about the mindset of these brutes, I have to report it has just been revealed that one of the Black Panther thugs had seriously suggested a policy of killing as many white babies as possible.

Now just stop and think for a moment. What if a white person had made that suggestion and was deadly serious about it? Don’t you think every white politician would rush to the cameras and the microphones to denounce the scoundrel?

Why there would be a stampede. Even the late senator from West Virginia, Robert Byrd, would get out of his coffin and denounce the cad! I could hear it now.

No less a personage than President Barack Obama would be saying, “There is no place in America for this kind of incendiary, hateful, hurtful talk. This must be rooted out at once and all such persons must be prosecuted with every tool the Justice Department has at its disposal. There is no room in America for this Nazi philosophy.”

I have had some real friends (I say real friends to distinguish them from the many fake, phony, fraud friends) who say, “Bob, you have got to stop doing everybody’s heavy lifting. It only gets you in trouble when you do and your so-called friends take off for the tall grass.”

The person who said that was sincere, but he suffered a heart attack and died at too early an age. I shall never forget him. His name was Senator John Calandra of the Bronx.

He reminds me of the paradoxical statement made of Martin Luther King, Jr. who said, “When I look back it is not the words of my enemies that hurt, but the silence of my friends.”

The reason that resonates so much with me is that is exactly where I am today. And, if I could summon the energy and the literary help to write my second book, I would say a great deal more.

But, who would care? Would you?

Bob Grant

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