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Disasters: Both Natural and Man-made

August 18, 2010

I know as a “hard-nosed conservative,” I’m not supposed to delve into things that are considered weird and paranormal.

However, I have always had a metaphysical streak and I think it makes life more interesting and, yes, exciting.

I am writing this because I do see signs that maybe the world is going to come to an end as we have known it, sooner than we thought.

I see the disasters that are occurring all over the world. We have had colossal earthquakes in places like Chile and Haiti, to name just two, so far this year.

Right now, Pakistan is in danger of losing at least 20 million members of its destitute population.

Pakistan is an unfortunate place for many reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is it has been governed in its 63-year history by corrupt, dishonest vermin who only cared about lining their pockets and not directing whatever resources it had to improving the lot of its citizens.

One of the reasons for the flood waters causing so much damage to these poor people is that in the past, instead of preserving the trees necessary to prevent so many mudslides and so much erosion, the overstuffed, uncaring elites sold the wood for money to enrich their already stuffed wallets.

Everywhere one looks these first eight months of 2010; there has been an avalanche of catastrophic news. Much of that news has been caused by so-called natural causes, or, as we like to quaintly say . . . Mother Nature.

But, perhaps the most ominous harbingers of doom have come from our own government.

Ever since the most disastrous election in American history on Nov. 4, 2008, when a conspiracy of negative events put an enemy of the Republic (as we have known and loved it) in the White House, catastrophes have ensued.

The great Dorothy Rabinowitz, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, calls Barack Obama “an alien in the White House.”

Others fear he is still at heart a Muslim.

No thinking person wants to believe Obama is a socialist who is carrying out the destruction of our republican form of government.

He said, during his campaign, that his administration would be unlike any before it. He talked repeatedly of the fundamental change his administration would bring about.

Unfortunately, the American people in their stupidity and ignorance chose to put this enemy of America in, of all places, the Oval Office.

As if to confirm our worst fears of this man, he has chosen to find it alright that we put a mosque in close proximity to ground zero in New York City.

Ground zero, as well as the area surrounding that area, is considered hallowed ground. Ground zero is where 3,000 of our fellow Americans were murdered by Islamic terrorists on a mission to begin the end of this once great Republic as we have known it.

Unless we come to our senses soon, it will be too late. And then the end of the world will be at hand.

Bob Grant

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