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New York Governor’s Race Debacle

October 11, 2010

As we get closer to the mid-term election, it becomes apparent that nerves are frazzled.

In New York, for example, in the race for governor, there is no incumbent — thanks to the moral turpitude of Eliot Spitzer, better known as client number nine by all the madams and pimps in New York.

Also, the office is open as a result of the ineptitude of David Paterson, and the governor’s seat is up for grabs by Republican Carl Paladino and Democrat Andrew Cuomo, son of the sfacim, himself, Mario Cuomo.

The tabloids have decided they are too good and uppity for Paladino. Therefore, they never waste any time in painting him as a boorish lout who is too uncouth to be governor of the empire state.

They don’t like the fact that this past weekend, while speaking to a group of Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis in Williamsburg, Paladino had the gall or to put it in the context of the occasion, the chutzpah, to say he would veto same-sex marriage legislation.

Now isn’t that what a chief executive is supposed to do? To veto legislation he does not approve of and to sign that which he approves?

But to hear the covetous Andrew Cuomo tell it, what Carl Paladino was suggesting was something akin to anarchy by a chief executive.

Where is it written that for these past 6,000 years men married men, and women married women? Show me any culture where this perversion is the norm!

Frankly, I don’t care what homosexuals do in their private lives. Nothing shocks me anymore and I wish all people, regardless of their proclivities — happiness and fulfillment.

But, to legalize the living together of two men or two women is hardly necessary. They can live together in a commune for all I care.

I just don’t want to live in a society that is so feckless it can’t stand up to a group of people with inimical views to ours.

Why are we so afraid of the homosexual community? I have known some homosexuals who were fine people . . . talented, amusing, clever.

But they never asked me to pretend there was no distinction between the heterosexual and homosexual community.

If only opportunistic politicians like Andrew Cuomo did not seize on the situation to make political points. But, political points with the average, normal New York voter or the homosexual community?

Does any candidate ask only to be guided by what is right and healthy for the community as a whole? Or, do they seek to pander to a group they secretly revile while they pretend to champion them?

Perhaps it is time to end this experiment in democracy.

Perhaps it is time to be ruled by leaders who do not feel the need to pander, but rather the need to lead.

Bob Grant

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