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New York’s Flawed Politics

August 13, 2010

One of the main reasons, if not the absolute major reason I have no faith in the survival and regeneration of this once great Republic, is the stupidity and sloth of the American electorate.

I give you a good example of why I despair for our future. Take the state of New York. New York is the Empire State. That is what we have been known as since the late 1800s.

New York was one of our greatest states. But now it is a giant cesspool of corruption and political chicanery.

A classic example is what is happening now and what will happen this November. In a year which should auger well for the Republican Party, New York will see another Cuomo elected to the governor’s mansion, and Chuck, the schmuck, Schumer, a non entity, re-elected to the U.S. Senate.

As for Mr. Cuomo, he has laid out what he calls a 20 point program to purge Albany of corruption and bring a new and rejuvenating breath of fresh air to the state — devoid of dishonesty and without the baggage of corruption.

Can you imagine? This is what he has had the gall to say after spending the previous day attending the party of veteran scammer Charles Rangel.

Yes, this is the same Charlie Rangel who faces 13 charges involving cheating on his income tax, lying to members of the House Ethics Committee, using government subsidized apartments meant only for those who could not afford them, and a whole list of offenses which demonstrates that he never heard what a former president who was a New Yorker and, yes, a Democrat, said about public office.

It was Grover Cleveland who said, “A public office is a public trust.” Charlie Rangel has been feeding at the public trough for 40 years and cheating the public all that time.

And yet, there was Andrew Cuomo, New York State Attorney General, telling the audience what a great public servant Rangel has been and why he was proud to be there celebrating his 80th birthday.

The story of New York politics illustrates the dangers inherent in one-party rule. There is no Republican Party in New York anymore.

The Republicans became so traumatized by the huge Democrat plurality that they were afraid to challenge the crooks. The Republicans were so cowardly they actually became subservient to the Conservative Party.

They did not want to offend Mike Long, the Conservative Party Chairman. They became more diminished every election cycle.

Even when George Pataki was elected governor in l994, upsetting Mario Cuomo, they didn—t feel they had respect.

And then Pataki won two more terms, each time catering more to the Conservative Party and the Democrats.

By the time George Pataki left office, he had lost every vestige of self respect.

Republicans must be brought back to life by somebody who has the courage, the charisma, and the character to do it.

But where is such a person?

We need someone who will not sell out, a Republican who doesn’t have an inferiority complex.

In the meantime, we are going to get another Cuomo who showed himself to be a two-bit phony last week when he praised Charlie Rangel, and then a day later came out with his program to rid New York of corruption!

And you, the American voter, particularly in places like New York, are really the guilty ones because you are so easily fooled as long the phony fooling you is a Democrat!

Bob Grant

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