Is Obama a Muslim?

August 26, 2010

When will the American people grow up? That may seem like a strange question, but I do ask it in all seriousness.

Of course, those of you are reading this brilliant prose are asking yourself, “What is this guy up to?”

I am not up to anything. I simply want to open your eyes to the fact that most of our fellow Americans have not grown up. Like perpetual children, they are not able to see the truth behind the lies President Obama and his henchmen are telling us.

They still don’t get it. They don’t recognize that the mainstream media is not forthcoming with the dishonesty and duplicity of the most destructive administration in the history of this once great Republic.

Case in point — Iraq! In 2006, when the president was a freshman senator from the state of Illinois, he protested vehemently that the Bush administration had compounded the folly of going into Iraq by embarking on a surge of troop strength.

He said it was doomed to failure and blamed everything on George W. Bush. He never mentioned the many Democrats who voted for the invasion and who have been trying to restate their positions so they would be blameless if anything went wrong.

Obama was a novice in every possible way. He had no experience whatsoever which could, at least in small measure, justify his overnight graduation to military and foreign affairs expert.

But, we could forgive and forget what he said in 2006 if he would stop being so tawdry that he keeps criticizing his predecessor. No president in history has spent more time blaming the guy who preceded him than Barack Obama.

In the days when character mattered to the people, Barack Hussein Obama would be exposed for what he is . . . a narcissist.

But worse than that, he is beginning to look more and more like a Muslim. I am not saying he goes to the mosque on a daily basis and prays five times a day, but he was born a Muslim and he grew up in a Muslim country.

His father was a Muslim and everything he has said since becoming president, reveals his strong feelings and affection for Islam.

I recall that night in early 2008 when Obama was campaigning in Pennsylvania. My Josephine took a good look at him and said, he’s a Muslim!

I chuckled at that. But, I am sorry to say I am not chuckling now!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!