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Lisa Murkowski’s Failure to Concede

September 20, 2010

I just finished my Sunday radio show which is heard every Sunday at 12 noon until 2 p.m. on WABC, New York.

Today was pretty much a typical show. It was spirited, contentious, and most importantly, informative and entertaining.

Most people did not seem to want to talk about the mosque or the election or anything else as much as they wanted to talk about the Fox News Channel selling 17 percent of its stock to a Muslim entity.

People warned they would be monitoring the Fox operation and if they showed a move to the left or to the Muslim side of the issues, they would boycott Fox.

Two callers to the show said they already have begun to boycott Fox. I really don’t believe that. I don’t think they could live without two things: talk radio, and secondly, the Fox News Network.

Frankly, there was something about today’s show I did not like. Maybe it is a reflection of my unease at what is happening in the early stages of the primaries.

I know I predicted the Republicans are going to be burned by the tea party people. The paradox is that the GOP is far closer to what the tea party wants than the Democrats. As a matter of fact, the Democrats would like to destroy the tea party, but right now those dedicated folks are the best hope the Dems have for retaining their control of Congress.

Any real history student could tell you that since the founding of the Republic, we have seen many weird political campaigns. I have tried to tell people about some of the bizarre elections of the past and have had people looking at me with unbelieving, shocked expressions.

So, the phenomenon of the tea party presence on the political stage should not really be a surprise.

As far as dirty campaigning, we have always had dirty campaigns. We have always had people like Lisa Murkowski, who lost to Joe Miller in the Republican primary in Alaska.

She, at first, tried to make a concession statement, but the next day announced she is mounting a write in campaign.

So, instead of abiding by the outcome of the vote and being a gracious loser, she is showing a total lack of respect for the process and an utter disregard for her own reputation.

Murkowski endangers the Republican cause as no Democrat could. Is it any wonder that, for the most part, most Americans have a low opinion of politicians?

I can’t think of any politician who is more reprehensible than Murkowski.

I don’t even call her Senator Murkowski, not because she inherited the Senate seat from her father, but because she has sullied the image of a fair and free election where the loser congratulates the winner and all go on until the next election. . . not so Murkowski.

Now she is not above it all, rather she is beneath it all!

Bob Grant

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That slams the lid onthings for today

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